The Supreme Court Health Law Hearings: The 3-Minute Cartoon

Supreme Court Health Law Hearing: The 3-Minute Cartoon

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t. Every time I tried to read the Supreme Court transcript in order to try to write some nice, value-added post for this historic health-law occasion, my eyelids drifted downward and my breathing deepened.

Finally, I decided that instead of wallowing in guilt, I’d ask for help from an expert teacher: Kevin Outterson, director of Boston University’s Health Law Program and a frequent blogger on health policy at The Incidental Economist. I told him that three minutes was the limit of my attention span for this topic, and though this challenge required of him a degree of simplification perhaps more radical than any he has ever attempted before, he was a great sport, and collaborated on concocting the quick script for the short video above. Political note: The guru character in the video has a bit of a point of view.

This is CommonHealth’s second feature in a new genre, Wonk Cinema, dedicated to helping people stay awake long enough to learn about health policy issues that affect their lives. The first was “What The Heck is an ACO?”

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  • Anonymous

    What B.S.. Leave. Go to Europe, before they’re forced to shut it down.

  • Rn357

    How cute, simplifyed of course but cute! Those mean nasty red states. They want the worker bees to carry the multitude of queen bees. Weird how that happened,,,,,fewer worker bees and multitude of queen bees. I want to be a queen bee. You know, drop out of school, why work for minimum wage when the government will take care of you! Better to take what you can because if you dont someone else will, Everyone else needs to keep working for me. Pay my rent, utilities, daycare, food stamps, etc… More for me. And I also need my birth control paid for by you because Im screwing you.  

  • Walnut28

    Great comparison to auto insurance! Only poor people are required to pay auto insurance!  

  • Psingley

    Love it! I’m forwarding this to my friends and family!

  • KW

    Wish you could use your own voices on here. A veil of darkness descends over me when I hear these computer-generated voices.

    • Careyg

      I hear you — there seems to be a way and will try it next time — !

    • Anonymous

       Nice cameo by Sean Connery though.

  • Srimer

    This is fantastic–why I love Carey and Rachel and commonhealth. Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot for not understanding health care reform. And thanks for explaining.