Let Them Sell Pot: 181 Applicants For Mass. Medical Marijuana Shops

The latest tally: 181 individuals or groups have applied to the state department of public health to establish medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts. The state will ultimately grant 35 licenses, reports WBUR’s Lynn Jolicoeur:

(“Caveman Chuck” Coker/flickr)

(“Caveman Chuck” Coker/flickr)

DPH will announce next month which applicants can move on to the final phase of the application. That process will be much more rigorous and will include identifying a community where the planned dispensary location fits in with local zoning rules.

DPH Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett acknowledged that it might be difficult to open a dispensary in a town or city that has instituted a one-year moratorium. The moratoriums are allowed by law for communities to finalize zoning restrictions for dispensaries. But DPH plans to approve up to 35 dispensaries by January and wants to see them open within four to six months of then.

Jolicoeur talked to one applicant who said he wants to debunk some of the stoner stereotypes with his pot shop:

John Greene hopes his experience as an herbalist will help him get approved to operate up to three dispensaries in Plymouth County. He says he wants to focus on providing strains of marijuana that have low levels of “euphoric” or “psychoactive” properties that contribute to the “stoner ethos” many people still attribute to anything involving marijuana.

“Really it’s not just about opening up this medical marijuana business,” Greene said. “It’s about community support and it’s really about educating people about the benefits of this herb and the misconceptions that go along with it.”

And on the recreational marijuana side, don’t miss this Steve Almond exclusive on Cognoscenti, in which Steve (who apparently inhaled, and still does) argues that pot is safer than alcohol.

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  • Pamela Ruby Russell

    Marijuana & Cancer Research

    It has come to light recently that extensive international research and testing is being done involving the isolation and use of certain components, more specifically, CBD for one, of the cannabis herb to cure cancer! According to the American Cancer Institute, this research has shown that these components actually help to shrink certain kinds of tumors by attacking cancer cells. This is just one of the miraculous results that have come to light according to information released this month! Before anyone condems the use of medical marijuana, or raises their voice against dispensaries around Massachusetts, consider this. The nation who discovers a non-toxic cure for cancer, one that doesn’t destroy healthy immune cells as well as debilitating a patient’s organs in the process of killing their cancer, will most certainly be the richest nation in the world! For those of us who has watched a loved one suffer through the ravages of chemotherapy, can we in good conscience ignore the desperate need for a more holistic and less toxic means to help in eradicating cancer and cure this dreadful killer?

    It is a fact that throughout history medical research has not always been easy or “accepted”, but we can not afford to ignore the advances being made in the race for a cure. Do your own research. Read online about what is being done around the world to test the use of cannabis. Before some large pharmaceutical company takes control through lobbyists and the like and creates some outrageously expensive chemo drug using marijuana, demand of our government that testing and research be given the light of day and the necessary funds to hasten research into a kinder and more natural cure for cancer! Thank you.