Mass. Employers May Sue Feds Over Obamacare Small-Business Premiums

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

WBUR’s Martha Bebinger reports:

The state’s largest employer group says it may sue the federal government over a provision in Obamacare that will hike premiums for some small businesses.

The federal health care law changes the way individual and small business insurance rates are calculated.

The Obama administration agreed to let Massachusetts phase in the new system, but said in a letter today that the state must eventually comply.

Under the changes, some employers will see their rates drop, but others may see dramatic increases.

The employer group, Associated Industries of Massachusetts, posts its reaction to the letter on its blog here, including this:

Associated Industries of Massachusetts is gravely disappointed with the decision and will now consider other remedies to help employers, including legal action or supporting legislation to de-merge the insurance market for individuals and small companies.

And here’s a chunk of the denial letter from Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to Gov. Deval Patrick:

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 8.40.10 AM

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  • Dave Parker

    Definitely not a perfect system, but either is the one we currently have. Besides, ALL insurance is based on people paying in far more than they pay out.

    • Consultofactus

      Yeah – so you’re going to cover a family of four for around $12K/year? One broken arm is twice that these days – anything more serious can quickly get to $100K+ and life-threatening diseases can cost over a million.

  • cuthean

    communism is shared misery

  • Mark Tipton

    Even the liberal haven of Massachusetts is rejecting ACA? How bad is it going to turn out when even the unions begin suing? Gee, nobody ever saw this one coming did they?

  • John Fox

    I could have sworn someone said that we could all keep our existing insurance plans. Can I please keep my plan with it’s lifetime caps and ban on pre-existing conditions so that my rates won’t go up????

  • Jake P

    Massachusetts voted for this clown. Enjoy!

  • John Hughes

    Own it, yes…own it People’s Rep. of Mass.
    Home of Barney and John F. Kerry…own it baby…….

    • Consultofactus

      Was that the John F Kerry who served in Viet Nam?

  • dwstick

    Hey, MA employers. Voters in your state overwhelmingly chose Obama, both in 2012 and 2008. No doubt some of these voters work for your companies. Whatever premium increases come along as a result of Obamacare, just pass them along to your employees along with an explanation as to why.
    Time for them to shut up. And pay up.

  • Murphy233

    Obama is following the path of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Peron and qKirchner in Argentina, and the Castros in Cuba. Delivering speeches instead of governing, steady erosion of the constitution, vilifying the opposition, using the media to divide race and class.

    No wonder he wants to encourage Latino immigration

    • rbk707

      Because they vote for the democrats.

  • Rick2340

    I’m sure the majority of these people voted for obama so hopefully they will all go bankrupt.

  • alan

    This is BS. How can Mass. sue over higher premiums when Obama swore we would all save money?

  • disbeliver

    When Taxachussets gets mad at a liberal, you know this thing is a real POS!

  • theyjustcantstop

    o’bama-care in action, sebelius with a stroke of her pen changes a federal law, to suit her needs, and wants.
    this will happen repeatedly in the years to come, can you say union deferrals, and other changes for political needs.
    this law is no different than giving your drug-addicted brother-in-law your gold-card with no way to cancel it.

  • Jay Rinard

    Get rid of all insurance.Think about that. If every medical procedure was on a cash only basis prices would drop at least 90% Instead of a blood test costing $300.00 or more it would only be 5 or 10 dollars. A heart bypass from $4000 to $200.00 etc..etc…

    • sea ray

      LOL, there no legal insurance and lawyers still are charging $500 hour.

      • Amichai

        That’s mainly because we don’t have tort reform. Frivilous lawsuits cost nothing for the person sueing but a ton for the person being sued. If the person being sued was gauranteed reimbursement of legal fees to successfully defend himself, a lot of the frivilous suits would disappear and lawyers would have to be more competitive in market prices. A lawyer who wins a case can get a huge percentage of any awards also. So many times, a lawyer will take the case on a “charge if you win” stipulation.

        • sea ray

          Still why would someone like @Jay want to deny a doctor their just compensation

          • Amichai

            Well, I don’t think it’s a matter of denying Dr’s their just compensation, but tieing it more directly to the free market. You know how the free market works, the more competitiveness there is, the lower the costs. Unfortunately, a very large percentage of healthcare costs are from insurance premiums to keep the slip-and-fall lawyers at bay. I think tort reform would keep Dr’s expenses lower, which would translate to more affordable healthcare. Tort reform will probably never happen though because the government is run by who? A mojority of lawyers.

          • sea ray

            There is no free market when the government can set prices for medical procedures and office visits

          • Amichai

            I completely agree. That’s just one more reason to ditch Oblundercare.

    • dareisay

      That won’t work! Those poor people that don’t know how or don’t want to save money for medical expenses will have to have part of your salary!

  • randeoertle

    The complaints that these business are bringing up are nothing but hypocrisy. I think the voters of Massachusetts gave Obama about 70 of their vote, now they complaining, give me a break. You voted for it live with it.

    • TMAC

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of tards.

  • dennis pitner

    You reap what you sow,now pay for it,there is no skull thicker than a Massachusetts
    democrat voter.

  • Danx35

    Just as hitler & stalin did in the past, Obama will fall too !

    • johnrhett

      Except there is no one to help is defeat Obama the way we helped to defeat Hitler. We were the last bastion of freedom in the world; we propped up all of Western Europe. Now they are broke, we are broke, and burdened by a federal government determined to bury this country. There is no one to help us.

  • me me

    You POS employers in liberal Mass. caused this…………… What did you think was going to happen???????? You voted for the kenyan disaster, now suffer with the rest of the country due to the poor choices you liberal POS have made.

  • Churchillis1

    But…….weren’t premiums supposed to go down under Obamacare?

    • TMAC

      Only if you have a room temperature IQ.

      • ibiwisi

        Or are dead.

      • Churchillis1

        But I still get to keep my doctor if I like him/her, right?

        • TMAC

          As a friend, sure. As a Doctor, no.

  • trajan2448

    They obviously didn’t deliver a Solyndra type bribe to the affirmative action Muslim parasite in the White House. What a disgusting crew we have running the US into the ground.

  • Demsreallysux Smith

    Obamacare has three objectives. First: to compensate blacks for slavery, something else for free, thereby getting more votes for Democrats. Second: to spread the wealth through income redistribution, thereby getting more votes for Democrats. Third: to give the government more control over us commoners, thereby getting more votes for Democrats. If brought to fruition, it will accomplish all three. Like Lyndon Johnson said when he started massive free stuff giveaways, “I’ll have those ni66ers voting for democrats for the next 200 years.” (google it)

    Obamacare, and Obama himself, are a complete disgrace that Americans must protest. Unfortunately, the only Americans that seem to
    care are the ones posting comments on news articles like this one. So sad.

  • ronb39339

    I’d say the ignorant low information voters of the not so great state of Massachusetts got what they asked for. STFU Liberals.

    • adm454

      Liberals suck. Ignorant garbage.

  • DocScience

    Own it Massachusetts.

    YOU voted for this and deserve everything that happens.

    • adm454

      “But…but…I..I..don’t understand!!!

  • Stacey g

    Massachusetts voted for Barry sit down and pipe down, why all the fuss…MA is a cesspool of libearals so reap what you sow

  • CenCalDevil

    why, since Mass already has a type of public insurance in place, do they need to be subjected to the fed plan?

    • Manfred Hideous

      It’s a federal law. The question is why would one state not be subject to federal law?

  • Manfred Hideous

    AHAHAHA. Massholes are going to suffer for something they wanted to push on everyone.

    • adm454

      The state sucks. Also, it’s one big traffic jam. I only head down to the s*ithole when I have to.

  • blacknblue2

    I just heard King Obama saying that this is going to cut healthcare. Again for the 100th time, there is nothing in the legislation that lowers “HEALTH CARE”. The “HOPE” of the ACA is that it will lower health insurance premiums…….not HEALTH CARE. Health care and health insurance are two different animals. The government conveniently confuses the public over the two terms.

  • Jay Rinard

    Wait until the dumbass kids in this country find out that the bronze tier has a $6,000 deductable and a $60.00 copay. Do you think all the inner city hood rats are going to sign up once they realize it’s not free.

    • blacknblue2

      The hood rats will get cost sharing subsidizes. You can get premium subsidizes and cost sharing subsidizes. The hood rats will rob you in the hood and now they legally rob you through taxes.

      The hood rats will only get a subsidy up to the cost of a silver plan. So says the study in the HHS manual.

      • Jay Rinard

        the only subsidies they would get is a lower monthly cost, however, medicade I believe is free.

  • Rufus

    “we have to pass it to find out how bad it’s going to screw over the middle class”
    Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House!
    White Middle Class voter stupidity has consequences!
    What HASN’T the ObowelMovement lied about?

    • gadsenmom

      Apologize! The WHITE MIDDLE CLASS did NOT vote for OBAMA. Do not blame him on US!

  • Dave Parker

    Every anti-Obamacare letter here is almost assuredly written by people who have healthcare and a good job. As usual with the right, if you don’t have insurance, or a good enough job to pay for it, then something is wrong with you. The Republicans had YEARS to address the healthcare crisis and chose not to (yeah, I know, there’s no crisis when you already have a good insurance policy). That’s why we are finally catching up with every other civilized country in the world on healthcare.

    • CenCalDevil

      who goes without healthcare?

      • Dave Parker

        If you mean people going to emergency rooms, with their inherently astronomical costs, (which are then absorbed by “the system”), then I guess, nobody goes without. However, that is an unsustainable plan.

        • gadsenmom

          Unsustainable does not equal I have to pay for their healthcare. Get the Gov and insurance companies out of healthcare and let the medical community have control back…oh is that an elephant in the room??

        • Sam Gompers

          Who goes to the emergency room for contraception and smoking cessation programs?

          You know, some of those new requirements.

          • Dave Parker

            A literal drop-in-the-bucket (if that). Not nearly enough reason to not try fixing a completely broken system that NOBODY is going to be able to afford within just a few short years.

          • Sam Gompers

            If people going to the emergency are causing our healthcare system to explode,

            why did Obama force everyone to buy insurance that has completely free contraception, substance abusing counseling, smoking cessation programs, and free yearly physicals?

            No one goes to the ER for any of those services. Why didn’t they just mandate a Catastrophic/Major Medical plan instead?

          • Dave Parker

            The theory would be (and I agree so far) that PREVENTATIVE measures will translate to lower costs in the long run. We must all stop focusing on “how much is this costing me/us TODAY”!! Whether it’s unplanned pregnancies, emphysema, or physicals, it will turn out to be less cost upfront now than dealing with the unattended consequences later.

          • Sam Gompers

            So it isn’t ER care that’s exploding our healthcare costs?

            It’s lack of preventative care?

            Why did you say it was people going to the ER?

          • Dave Parker

            A problem this big has been caused by far more than any one of those reasons. It’s literally like a multiple choice quiz: “ALL OF THE ABOVE”! (I.E., preventative measures, as above, wil lead to far less people using those emergency rooms OR going through the “normal” healthcare system). You obviously have a cushy insurance policy and don’t really care if others don’t. After all, they are obviously unemployed losers. Remember that EVERY TIME you are served by somebody at a grocery store, restaurant, gas station, mall store, etc etc etc. that they work full-time for less than ten dollars an hour, but are expected to pay rent, utilities, childcare, food, exorbitant gas prices, AND a healthcare policy. Something’s got to give here.

          • Sam Gompers

            I have a high deductible catastrophic policy while it’s still legal.

            I pay for most of my routine healthcare out of pocket. I do this because I am not an economic illiterate and will not willingly give an insurance company $1 to give me back $.8 in services just to restrict my healthcare choices.

            You need to update your argument, because these tired old shopworn emotional arguments are easily picked apart.

            I do not smoke nor do drugs, and barely drink. Yet our government is forcing me to pay a private company for insurance services for these events.

            I can afford $35 a month for our own family planning. Yet our government is forcing me to pay a private company for this service because it believes that all women, even rich ones, are entitled to all contraception, even luxury ones for free.

            Our government has said many times that the mandate is necessary because we need healthy people to subsidize the sick.

            That isn’t what you are claiming.

          • DisgustedFTE

            I currently have one of those full time jobs that does not provide health insurance and am “expected” to pay everything you listed above and more. I DO NOT WANT the government involved in my choice of healthcare policy in any way whatsoever. I scrape by but I am WORKING to IMPROVE MY SITUATION. I study every hour I can and learn as much as possible about the industry I will soon join so that I will have EARNED myself a better life as I WILL NOT have it given to me like a needy and entitled liberal. Should I just give up being a productive member of society and ride the entitlement programs that liberals have created for that very reason? You think you know every “kind” of conservative out there but you are sadly and unequivocally mistaken. I for one believe that smart and hard work, and perseverance will lead to a better life for the poor, I am living proof that it will.

    • Manfred Hideous

      Actually, that’s not entirely true. Every attempt the GOP made to address the cause of health care costs was met with obstruction from the DNC. Basically both of them obstruct and here we are.

    • johnleehooker

      why did I have to LOSE my individual coverage so you could get more “free” stuff?

      • Dave Parker

        That’s the problem with you / Republicans!!!! You assume I don’t have insurance (I do) because I choose to defend a new try at a broken system.

        • SWJ

          You obviously weren’t paying attention when Republicans proposed expansion of HSA and similar programs which are proven successful at containing costs. Democrats, who don’t like anything that isn’t run Bolshevik style from Washington, resisted, and limited these programs as best they could, to pave the way for Oblamo’s program.
          There have been many, many Republican proposals to fix problems with our system, and Dems have opposed all because nanny-government wasn’t given enough control over our lives and they weren’t redistributive (socialist) enough.
          You apparently believe because I am conservative and have health insurance that I don’t care about others. It’s interesting how the left, who, by the way, are very uncharitable themselves (look it up, it’s a fact), always accuse those on the right (who, by the way, give far more time and money to good causes) of being “selfish”.
          Selfish is, IMHO, asking others to pay taxes to give to other people, MANY of whom don’t give a rat’s behind about making an effort to pay for themselves.

  • CenCalDevil

    Obama recently commented that healthcare is now a “right”.
    Thus, those implementing this healthcare should be subject to suits for discriminatory practices i.e.; the feds.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    This is the beginning. There will be so many lawsuits over this cluster. If we could only sue for being lied to…repeatedly.

  • jsmithcsa


  • chiefpayne

    Oh H@77 NO, Massachusetts!!!!
    YOU people WANTED this crap…YOU voted FOR the VERY people driving this train…YOU LIVE WITH IT…the SAME as everyone ELSE is having to do!

    • skp

      I live in MA and I already pay more than $24,000 a year for my family plan health insurance – that does not include my out of pocket expenses I have an $800 surgery deductible – a $150 ER co-pay etc… this is not a Cadillac Plan or at least not the “best” plan offered – I am least three to four tiers down on the price list – as a small business owner with no employees there is no way I can afford to pay $36,000 a year – I didn’t vote for any of these clowns but my vote never counts in this state

      • Mark

        People seriously pay that much for health insurance in Mass? That is flippin ridiculous!!!!!!!

  • Vicky060

    The issue here is that the state will be forced to comply after the 2014 election. After that election, the unions (e.g. the AFL-CIO) will get the exemption they have been whining about. This is why Obummer wants to delay company compliance for 1 year and why he doesn’t support a delay for the public. All those low income folks that vote Democratic will get a nice piece of change and be sure to get out and vote for 2014 candidates that support Obummer.

  • Carl Mertz

    Throw out every f ucking democrat in sight,phase one. Impeachment Obama in a slow embarrassing way.

  • Paul

    Where was everyone last election? Elections have consequences. Obama was a perfect storm of the media being unrelentless in their attacks on everything Bush (he got our economy out of the 9/11 attacks–remember the market then?) and GOP…they still continue. Yet, not once, did the WH Press Corp ask a tough question other than “Jay Carney, will you take my resume?” Get the F out and vote–and not only that, get the F out and get others out to vote. Call 10 folks aligned and get them out

    • George X. Patton

      Amen Paul! We did not elect the leadership we need, either in the White House or Congress, but we DID elect the leadership WE DESERVE!

    • gadsenmom

      goal : 100% voter turnout. those jerks that stayed home without voting at all is the ONLY reason Barry happened. “we” don’t deserve it but the sheep do.

  • international investigator

    Legal action may spread to many more states in the near future, as the premium increases are going to hit a lot of businesses. As a Florida-based company, we’re looking at significant increases in premiums thanks to Obamacare!

  • David Wilkinson

    Deny and lie: the Democratic Party in a nutshell.

  • masswhole

    We have had Romneycare for 8 years. I went from paying ZERO for my insurance with a $15 office visit fee. 8 years later I pay $456 a month with a $2500 deductible and $25 copay’s and they don’t cover my chiropractic anymore. We elected Scott Brown to prevent Obamacare and our AG refused to confirm the results until these scumbags pushed obamacare down your throats. The difference between Obamacare and Romneycare is “The people of Massachusetts asked for universal healthcare” Obamacare was forced down the throats of people who did not ask or want it. Now Masswholes are going to pay twice, libtards.

    • Wndrtch71

      I’d say the difference between Romneycare and Obamacare, is about 29,991 pages. Romneycare was only 9 pages long, Obamacare is over 30K pages.

  • SilentRanger

    It is clear that both political parties wish to destroy small business (80% of the employers in the US). This is because this group is seen by the politically connected as parasitic to the body politic (and not coerce-able). One party pretends to support small business – while the other openly vilifies it.

    The net result will be 3rd World Status… a world reality where the downtrodden consumes the middle class. And, when the fuel from that combustion is spent, the dumbed-down survivors will turn upon themselves – rudderless and defenseless. Foreign actors – not subject to this conflagration – will rejoice in the light of the ruined society – and pick amongst the bones for treasure.

    • NE_Heights_Elitist

      Says an Obamabot. Only one party aside from morons like Mcshame wants to destroy small business.

  • Chaddington

    Massachusetts is the most progressive state in the union. I’d say the chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Gage Mulholland

      Wait another year you fools. Most of you commenting on this thread will benefit the most. The NeoCon movement is taking it’s last gasps for air. Soon we’ll be able to call this one.

      • Alphabeta Beta

        Let me finish this for ya, “soon we’ll be able to call this one A FAILURE LIKE OBAMA’S OTHER FAILURES.”
        you’re welcome

        • Gage Mulholland

          Like what failures? 14 TRILLION in debt? Clinton’s balanced budget destroyed by careless Republicans? 2 wars that killed thousands of our kids, and left us tens of thousands wounded? 3 trillion in medical liability for their care alone? Why have all Republicans abandoned their own principle of personal responsibility?? One anwer: OBAMA. If he’s for it, you people are against it. No matter how good it is for you personally. I heard Rush Limbaugh today finally articulated is thoughts on the “entitlement state”. It includes Social Security and Medicare. I’m assuming most of you rely on these programs. And if god forbid a drunk driver plows into you tomorrow and renders you paralyzed, you’ll be thankful you not only have Social Security Disability Benefits, you’ll also have ObamaCare to make sure you get the proper treatment. It’s hilarious that big Medical has duped you people into thinking consumer protections, no caps, no lifetime limits etc is bad for you. Very sad indeed.

          • William

            I swear these people never update their talking points.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Refute any of that William. These aren’t talking points, this is reality.

          • William

            You forgot to insert a “Faux News” reference and perhaps a “Bush lied, people died” comment as well. Aside from that, you’ve got the basic script down. Nod your head in perfect synchronicity with the Daily Kos kids as they recite their mantras. Obama will make everything alright. The economy is recovering. The Republicans are terrorists. Obama will end the wars. His healthcare shall truly bless us all. And the goose will continue to lay beautiful golden eggs.

          • Gage Mulholland

            What do you honestly think would happen if tomorrow we ended all regulation of air, food and water? What about stopping the oversight of major banking institutes? Your 401K? Your retirement fund? What if we stopped all the cancer treatments today on those deadbeat losers who mootch thanks to Obamacare or Medicaid? What if we decided not to pay our bills and instead defaulted on our debt? Do you really any of that would be good for you? IF SO, it’s you who needs to nod your head in perfect synchronicity with World Net Daily. You are correct, the economy is recovering, the Republicans are engaging in Economic Terrorism, and Obama is ending the wars. His healthcare law will bless us all, and you my friend, will finally get treatment for Obamaderangementsyndrome.

          • William

            There is no such thing as defaulting on the debt. I keep trying to tell you that you are merely a product of their illusion. The United States takes in 2 trillion in tax revenue alone. The interest on the debt is roughly 400 billion. Even if we stopped borrowing tomorrow, the interest would still be paid.

            The reason you are hearing rhetoric worthy of an insane asylum coming from the machinery that currently controls the U.S. government is because we are in the final stages of a predestined takedown. The danger of not borrowing is not default, but Depression as the government is currently borrowing in excess of 10% of GDP, aka statistically a Great Depression.

            The ones who control your mind with carefully crafted slogans know this, but the time has not yet come. We will certainly default on our debt, but it will not be because of a few Republicans in the House. It will come because the Chinese, among others, will not lend to us anymore. The U.S. will abruptly stop borrowing money, resulting in a corresponding decrease in GDP production, which will simultaneously occur as there is a run on the bond market, aka skyrocketing inflation rates. But the blueprint is threatened if someone reins in the U.S.’ suicidal fiscal course, which a couple of men are trying to do. The plan is to drive the debt stratospherically through the ceiling past the point of no return, which I personally believe already happened. That is why you are brainwashed this way and why the Cartel that has taken over the White House is pursuing its’ current course.

          • mojorisin69

            What did we do before all that cr a p was implemented?

            Americans lived their lives and prospered, period. One of the greatest periods of wealth creation in American history was before government controlled your every breath.

          • Gage Mulholland

            NOT TRUE. I’m assuming your referencing the period before the Great Depression? The Great Society created the Middle Class. It’s those who want go back to the good ol’ days that wish to tear down the middle class. You’ve been had, my friend.

          • FedUp

            You really buy it all, hook, line and sinker! Keep swallowing.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Project much?

          • FedUp

            Libs are a bunch of bobble-heads all nodding in agreement to anything obama says.

          • disbeliver

            So what you are saying is that because Bush sucked, it is perfectly fine that Obama sucks just as bad? He added to the debt faster than any president ever and loves wars just as much – Libya, Afghanistan,, would be Syria if it was not for libertarian conservatives and Russia. Wake up, dude, quit falling for the BS left/right paradigm and look from outside their controlled media. Good luck in your awakening!

          • Rightstuff1

            Can you say or spell unfunded liabilities? Do you know even what it means? Do you know how this ends? I’m not supplying the answers. You want to know go do a little research….

            There isn’t enough money on the whole planet to pay for the unfunded liabilities the US Govt has for SS. Medicare and now Obamacare. You could take ALLLLLLLLL the money from EVERY single country on the PLANET and it still would be enough.

            So how does this end? You cannot tax your way out of this one my little lib loony.

            PS the debt when Obama came to office was under 10 trillion. Now its 17 trillion not 14 oh and he still has 3 years left to run. Enjoy!

          • Gage Mulholland

            LOL! You telling me to go do a little research is quite rich, I must say. Tell me, oh wise one, how and where Obama has racked up 7 trillion dollars of debt. Please itemize the spending out that he is responsible for. And then deny the fact that the President doesn’t spend any money without Congressional authorization.

          • Gage Mulholland

            I’ll even give you the money he’s had to spend in order to carry out GWB’s wars.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            This is simple math? When he took office the debt was 10 trillion, now it’s nearly 17 trillion. Would you like a calculator?

          • Rightstuff1

            I notice you did not bother to think through the unfunded liabilities. Too much effort for ya?

            Here is a simple itemization Mr Lazy. From the beginning of 2009 to the beginning of 2012 you libs controlled House, Senate and WH. Remember that? Dim and distant memory for you is it?

            Well do you remember the 880 billion dollar stimulus package? You remember that? We have not had a budget from the Senate since 2008. Funny that eh? Can you not figure it out form there? No? OK well I will help you. Well you see how it works is that this trillion dollars then became part of the baseline spending. Yessssss, now when that happened we immediately went to 1.3-1.5 trillion in debt PER YEAR formula!!! OK now mister lazy do the math – can you take 5 times 1.3 trillion? Can you do that much? do you need a calculator? But wait there is more….you see although thats a disaster by itself it is the fact that our unfunded liabilities have increased by twice as much as this 7trillion over the same term. Getting it yet? Or too much?

            Again, a little research would maybe, just maybe, let in a little sliver of light into that dark hole in which you choose to hide your brain! But you’re a lib, it is all too much for you so go back to your spouting points and call me a homophobe or something. That will help you I’m sure.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Oh, I get it. Attribute all the bills and spending racked up over the past 30 years to the Black guy. GOT IT. Thanks for making my point, and not making yours.

          • JBoberiii

            Why would you make a racist comment by calling my President “the black guy”? Now you’ve shown yourself to be a clueless, racist troll.

          • Brian Williamson

            One need only look to Greece to see the future. Only when we get to that point there will be no one to save us as they did with Greece.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            Obviously you are very misinformed. First, there is 16 trillian in debt that was only 10 trillian before Obama took office. 6 is from your savior and you continue to blame Bush.

            Secondly, more money has been spent by Obama in 5 years on the wars we are in than by Bush in his 8. Also, more have died under Obama in less time. Let’s keep going, the senators at the time that I’m sure you love all voted to go to war. Including Obama, Hillary and Biden.

            Thirdly, Clinton created a massive housing bubble that made everything look amazing during his term and popped in 2008. In case you have no clue what I’m talking about (which I’m sure you don’t because facts don’t matter to liberals) this was known as the Community Reinvestment Act, 1977. Yes, it was created under Carter but vastly expanded under Clinton where he made it so banks didn’t even require credit checks to give morgage loans. What that means is that a ton of people were given loans they couldn’t afford and all look amazing until those people were foreclosed on.

            My final point is very simple but I’m sure you won’t understand it. According to you, Bush is the devil and destroyed the economy and made life horrible for all Americans. Yes? If things were so horrible under Bush, just so awful that America as a whole was at it’s lowest point since the Great Depression, why has it not gotten any better? Seriously, think about this; I’m sure that is hard for you but try. If things are at the absolute worst they can be, how is it possible they are actually getting worse? I’m sure you will cry nonsense but more Americans are now unemployed, more on food stamps, more on disability than ever before in American history. Once Obamacare goes through it will be even worse and the facts don’t lie. Congress wants exemptions to it, that should be enough to convince you how awful this act is. Try and think for yourself, I’m sure that’s difficult as you’re too busy begging Obama for a free phone.

            I will finish this with a simple quote: The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ – Ronald Reagan

          • Gage Mulholland

            Reagan created this monster. This is Reaganomics playing out in front of everyone’s eyes. This is your baby. The GOP created this economy. We are now all suffering because of it. You’ll never grasp that very basic reality, I’m sure.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            Actually, as I just said. It was Carter. Facts are something you don’t grasp but it’s true. Sorry.

            Edit: I’d also like to point out that you skipped everything I said and then blamed Reagan (not Bush) due to a quote at the end of a post that only had a quote from Reagan.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Carter? HAHA! Carter was the last President to have a truly balanced budget, with no debt. You’re kidding right?

          • Robert Parkhurst

            I guess that’s why Reagan won, what was it? 48 states in that election? He was obviously so awesome.

            This is kind of pointless though, you obviously have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Carter was amazing, yet, the economy was horrid under him and he was destroyed by Reagan in that election. Then, Reagan was so awful, yet, he somehow won…I think 49 states…in the next election.

            Your idea of a good economy is people who earn giving up money to people who don’t. Get off your lazy ass and stop begging for handouts.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Reagan won because he made a deal with Iran to keep the hostages until after the election, behind the President of the United States’ back. It was treasonous, and Ronald Reagan will someday own that in the history books.

          • moretruth2power

            Straw man arguments from the goose steppers on the left! It’s amazing as they re-write Clinton’s legacy, one that he’s suddenly a fiscal conservative who balanced budgets! LOL! Clinton time and again vetoed balance budgets! Now BJ Clinton takes the bow for budgets and welfare reform that he vetoed time and again. If it wasn’t for Gingrich and the Republicans he would have spent like a typical left wing kook!
            So basically Gage thinks the government should be everywhere and anywhere, stepping all over the lives of the American people with professional technocrats who know how to live your life better than you!

      • Jim1937

        You sir/madam/it are full of sh!t! No body benefits from this abomination of a bill. Pull your head out.

        • Gage Mulholland

          “sir/madam/it”….classy. It’s spelled Nobody. AND, it’s not a BILL, it’s THE LAW. You pull your head out Jimmy.

          • William

            The Nazis passed “laws” as well. It seems rather pathetic that when challenged, the demons currently holding office can only point to the fact that it was passed in Congress by dubious legal means, without a single bi-partisan vote, and upheld via what appeared to everyone to be last-minute blackmail against Roberts.

            If you are not a paid shill for this despotic regime, I would advise you to do some real soul-searching about what is currently occurring in this country. This is not simply about “healthcare” or equality for all. Perhaps you will see it in time.

          • Gage Mulholland

            So, according to your logic here, I should then continue allowing Americans to go broke from healthcare costs? I should insist that my representatives push for more tax cuts for the wealthy while advocating for cuts to poor people and the elderly? Because if I do that, eventually it’ll all work out? Don’t say a peep when major companies offshore jobs? Or hide profits in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes? A despotic regime it may be, but if someone is advocating for the immediate relief Americans desperately need, versus someone advocating for the free market fairy to come save the day and continue business as usual, I’ll take my chances with the direct help to Americans all day long. You keep doing the opposite.

          • William

            You have no idea why healthcare costs have risen in the past 40 years. You only know that government is the answer to them. Perhaps they were the cause.

            GE paid zero taxes and is the biggest funder of Fuhrer Obama. Last I heard, the NYT is furiously working on that story as we speak, as soon as they finish the one about Google paying no taxes. Clinton was the one who triggered the rise of China’s slave labor empire by granting them permanent trading status.

            We are living in an emergent dictatorship, run by a select few feeding off the tax dollars of this nation, enriching themselves and their allies while impoverishing the middle class. Your words are carefully crafted slogans created in a John Podesta lab. The crash is coming, whether you like it or not, regardless of how many times you Drones repeat the mantra that Obama saved the economy. I do not hate you, there are millions of you who are stuck inside of their propaganda machine and the fantasy will not end until this country has been completely raped. Then the implosion happens.

          • Gage Mulholland

            You are not a right winger. You are an exteme Liberal, like I used to be a decade ago. There is a lot of truth in what you’ve said. I like to be a bit more optimistic, however.

          • popsfromnh

            “I’ll take my chances with the direct help to Americans all day long”. Where do you think that money comes from? More people are piling on the wagon than are pulling it.
            “The problem with Socialism is that, eventually, you run out of other people’s money”.
            Margret Thatcher

          • Gage Mulholland

            Not true. Corporate welfare costs American Taxpayers far more than social welfare. It’s OUR money. Not simply your’s or mine. Money to help people in needs knows no socioeconomic background. It’s called community. We live in a Democracy, of, for, and by the People. You right wingers forget that every now and then, and these moments should serve only as a reminder. Do as Jesus would do, and take care of thy neighbor.

          • JBoberiii

            If we lived in a democracy, then Obamacare wouldn’t be law. We live in a democratic republic. I suggest you look up the difference between the two.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Not true again. We live in a Democracy. The Democratically elected Representatives passed this law through the Democratic process. The Democratically elected Senate passed it on to the Democratically elected President, who in turn, signed it. If we lived in a Republic Obamacare wouldn’t be law. We don’t govern by polls taken from the public. A law passed by the People’s Government is enforced in ALL 50 STATES.

          • JBoberiii

            You really are clueless, troll. A democratic republic is where people elect representatives. That is what we do. In a democracy, everyone votes on every bill (not just the representatives). Since Obamacare has never had more support than people who disagree with it, in a democracy there would have been more votes against it than for it. Learn what government you have. And this law is not being enforced in all 50 states. Waivers have been granted, certain parts have been delayed, and I would like to know under what authority (part of the Constitution) that is allowed. You are clearly illiterate to the different forms of government.

          • SWJ

            If you were REALLY concerned about people going broke from healthcare costs, then you would have pushed for expansion of, and promotion of, catastrophic medical insurance. I’ve had such insurance. It’s both effective and affordable in protecting people from crushing medical expenses.
            Interesting, then, that under Obamacare, such plans have been destroyed, because, in the words of your hero, they “aren’t real insurance”. His exact words. So the hypocrisy runs deep, and you obviously can’t see past it.
            Your anger and resentment toward “major companies” offshoring jobs is misplaced. Perhaps you should consider your hero’s approach to business, which is to punish, and criticize, and tax and regulate and punish some more. And when they look to China, which welcomes them with open arms, he wants to tax them and punish them and criticize them some more.
            The left uses American business and a whipping boy, punching bag and golden goose to tax and villify, then they cry and cry about companies not being “loyal” to the USA. You treat a wife or a girlfriend or a friend or relative or anyone else that way and they want nothing to do with you. What makes you think “major companies” are different than the people who run them???
            Obama and the people who vote for him are reaping what they sow. Treat companies and their shareholders bad enough for long enough and they tell you to screw off. That’s why we have a crappy economy under this clown.

      • Chaddington

        NeoCon? Who’s a neocon?

        Oh, I get it. You’re one of those progressives who believes that folks on the right are all neocons. Ironically, there are more options on the right, libertarian, paleo-conservative, social conservative, neo-conservative, etc.

        Unlike the left which is just COMMUNISM!!!!

        • Gage Mulholland

          What an intellectual retort. I commend you, o’ wise one.

          • moretruth2power

            Because your original post was so full of insight and knowledge! LOL!

          • freedom74

            Yes, because calling people that disagree with you fools and labeling them as neocons is soooo intellectual!!

            You are, through and through, the pattern of what is wrong with the whiney, crybaby, thin skinned, witless liberals that sling names, terms, insults and complete lies, and then cry a river when the same tactics are returned.

            Grow up man child. Any tactic you use against another is a legitimate tactic to be used against you.

        • Retired_Marine

          Actually all the left has is shytheaditus

      • Dencal26

        Neo Con movement is a foreign policy movement and has nothing to do with healthcare.

        • Don August

          Gage Mulholland is having his own “movement”, and it has nothing to do with any “policy”!

      • SWJ

        Dream on.
        Here’s how it really works. 90% of the country is going to pay higher premiums and higher deductibles so the 60 year old smoker who weighs 350 lbs and is diabetic can get “affordable” insurance.
        My wife’s company, which is HUGE, just announced the premium increases, most of which is being passed on to the employees. And most employees don’t know yet that their out-of-pocket costs, rather than going down as Ofraudo said they would, are going up…way up!
        You’ve been reading from Oblamo’s talking points. Facts are stubborn things, and the fact is that MOST people will be worse off, while a few, a very few, will be much better off.
        That is not a recipe for a long-lasting program with wide public support. It’s a recipe for a Republican President and House and Senate in 2016 with a mandate to rip the entire thing apart and start over again.
        Obama’s biggest accomplishment is a giant cluster. Nice job liberals.

        • Don August

          I believe you’re allowed to say “fuster cluck”!

          • SWJ

            LOL. You are right.
            And with this crowd at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the desire to say fuster cluck has never been greater. His entire administration is a giant fuster…

          • FedUp

            Since this administration I cannot come up with vile enough words to express my utter loathing of obama and his traitorous ilk.

      • griefman

        So I will assume your new Obama phone gets pretty good bandwidth in your parents basement.

        • Gage Mulholland

          You mean the Ronald Reagan Phone right?? You do understand the history of that program correct?

          • William

            Socialism by any other name is just as evil, whether it be enacted under a Democrat or Republican administration. But fools like you are completely locked into the propaganda and will not begin to think clearly for yourselves until you make a voluntary, conscious effort to disassociate. Sometimes that never occurs.

          • Gage Mulholland

            You need a mix of both, Democratic socialism and free market enterprise. It’s whats made this country great for 200 plus years. Stop trying to blow it all up for your my way or the highway(in this case economic collapse) mentality, and realize that fact just as the great minds before us did.

          • SPF1959

            Lifeline program started under Reagan, was expanded to cell phones under Bush, and went from a $816 million program in 2008 to a $2.2 billion program in under Obama.
            Government programs start with good intentions and then get a life of their own. The ACA will be no different. It will slowly, then suddenly grow out of control. THAT is why it is bad. The government categorically – regardless of party – cannot and will not limit growth of anything it manages.

          • Don August

            Those were LANDLINES, not cell phones!

      • freedom74

        I have four children and my wife and I work three jobs between us, and work hard to earn side money as well. We have only one car we make a payment on and it is ten years old. All of our furniture and children’s clothes are hand me downs. We live in a twenty year old rental house. We do not qualify for the ACA subsidies so we are looking at losing another $300-600 a MONTH in insurance premiums that WE DO NOT HAVE. Our only choice will to be to have my wife stop working and to sign up for welfare, otherwise we will be underwater but we will NOT qualify for any assistance.

        There is NO WAY you are going to be able to convince me our family is in a unique situation. This law is going to drive the lower middle class into the poverty class and we will end up with worse insurance coverage than what we had before.

        I could give two sheets less about Republicans or Democrats, I think you are both groups of delusional idiots. I subscribe to something called reality buddy, which seems to be escaping you at this moment.

        • daniel

          You do have a choice, you can get divorced. Give your wife custody of your children. Depending on her income you will save a ton of money.
          Oh, did I just point out another progressive agenda, yep, just like the destruction of the black family under the name “welfare”, the liberals have now passed another law to destroy the family unit in all of America.
          Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

          • Gage Mulholland

            Rush is, tune into him.

          • freedom74

            Even if we do something like that, the unfortunate end would be that if I lost my job and couldn’t pay child support to the divorced wife I would lose my license and then get locked up in jail, even if she doesn’t report me, as the whole system once ordered is automatic.

            Our only choice is to cut out income by 30% and sign up for government assistance. One of our children is a special needs child so we can start homeschooling and be subsidized even further. My family that has struggled ten years to get where it is, will be forced into voluntary poverty and government assistance.

            If the government is going to struggle so hard to make living off welfare the only viable state for the lower middle class, then we will take the choice we have been given. I will not work my wife and myself to the bone while barely seeing our children so that we can be told we make too much money and we have to sink into bankruptcy to subsidize people that refuse to work or only make 10-20% less then we do per year.

        • sheinLV

          Obamacare is nothing but another one of Oblamo’s money laundering schemes.

      • SoTM

        Oh what joy that will be. All you dishonest freaks will be able to run the country right off the cliff then, right? I WILL NOT benefit from this Obama BS ……my premiums have already double me and I am making average pay. This is going to kill jobs and cost real working people a lot of money…..but I am sure you LIARS will just blame the right, it’s all you children can do.

        • Gage Mulholland

          Liar. Your premiums have not doubled. You are lying.

      • MerphisEllis

        Bite me pig, why do I have to pay someone else bill!

      • Churchillis1

        I hope you believe what you write. I really do.

      • NE_Heights_Elitist

        Welcome to 2004!

      • William

        Why wait? Perhaps Janet could send some DHS squads out and just take out those pesky “dissenters”. Much faster and you wouldn’t have to deal with all the resistance from the citizenry. Besides, they’re the ones who will be “benefiting” from it – they just can’t appreciate it yet.

      • disbeliver

        Really? We are going to benefit, yet the people of Taxachussets are already rebelling. The Communists don’t even think it is going to benefit them evidently. Also, not Neo-Conn’s, but libertarian conservatives who don’t want to bomb everything that moves, unlike your war President, O

      • T Ruski

        What I don’t understand is why we need this stupid law in the first place. If you don’t have health insurance then you have to pay for the services you receive. How simple is that?

        If you are super poor then you go to county hospitals and take your chances. The problem now is no one has to prove they are poor to get free medical care, they just have to say they are.

        And if you are an illegal aline you get NOTHING.

        • Gage Mulholland

          Brilliant idea. Why didn’t anyone else think of that?

    • TMAC

      Buck buck!

    • FedUp

      Vermont is totally progressive, too. It is beginning to collapse under its welfare state.

  • PLauren

    The Fuhrer has spoken. HHS has just signaled how bad things will be by 2016…just in time for another med-term and presidential election. We must take the Senate from them in 2014..don’t sit it out !!


    But. Its. Gonna. Be. Perfect.

    Love, Liberals who donated their brains to Obama…and got stuck paying the bill for the removal.

    Take note: ObamaCare IS to Obama/Libs what the Iranian Hostage Crisis was to Carter/Libs. Bank on it.

  • politicianssuck

    The Obama administration agreed to let Massachusetts phase in the new
    system, but said in a letter today that the state must eventually
    comply. And if they do not comply, Obama will send in his newly hired 18,000 IRS agents to strip the state of all of all its taxes.

    • Micah

      Edit your post to say “newly hired 18,000 IRS armed agents. . . “

  • Ted Harwood

    Again, we are witnessing the repressive policies of the neo-Bolschevik Obama administration.

    • Ozonecharlie

      Ted I agree. Neo-Communisn.

      • chiefpayne

        Hey I LIKE that.
        Liberals are — NEO-COMS

  • HarryObrian

    Oh ya, the heart of east coast socialism is now concerned…. Why you’d think that someone took their Birkenstocks and white socks away by the way they’re now crying…. 5 years too late there comrades. They should get the money from those ILLEGALS who are running paper trucks off the road and who have 4 or 5 EBT cards and identities and from the guy with a $7000 balance on his EBT card… hypocrites….

  • SWJ

    It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Those dummies at Associated Industries didn’t pony up enough cash for Obama’s re-election campaign. This is how they get paid back Chicago-style. It’s the same as is done in Russia, China, Kenya, and other countries Obama wants us to emulate.
    So what’s your problem with that???

    • Codetrader

      You nailed it! Good job!

      On Jan. 1, 2014, the ACA’s insurance subsidies begin, like a heroin drip, making Americans instant addicts. The Obama administration knows that no major entitlement, once tasted, has been repealed.

      • rainesson

        Let’s pray it’s not like that, but instead a horror show that repels all decent people and makes them want to stand against Federal Tyranny.

        • John (magnum)

          Hopefully there will be a gazillion lawsuits concerning OBONGOcare !

          A ‘Spring’ cleaning I am afraid will be needed.

          • mojorisin69

            “you’re going to be able to buy insurance through a pool so that you can get the same good rates as a group that if you’re an employee at a big company you can get right now — which means your premiums will go down.”

            — President Obama, campaign speech in Cincinnati, July 16, 2012

            Seems like someone is lying if Kathleen Syphilis is granting the Peoples Republic of MA a 3 year waiver.

        • sheinLV

          I’m hoping it’ll be a jarring wake up call for all the LIVs

      • Ratt Stone

        One Problem CT, ObamaCare ain’t an entitlement it’s just sets up exchanges for you to purchase Health Insurance. We will get it repealed in 2014 when the Democrats get booted out.

        • T Ruski

          The subsidies are, in fact, entitlements. And with half the country paying little or no taxes as it is…. good luck.

          • Ratt Stone

            True, plus 10 Million Absentee Ballots from ACORN, 9 Million on Disability, 49 Million on Food Stamps, 15 Million Illegals, throw in another 15 Million stupid white liberals and Bada Bing Bada Boom you got yourself and election.

      • JerryAshton

        S­tar­t ma­­ki­­ng c­as­­­h ri­­g­­h­­t n­o­w… G­e­t m­­or­e ti­me wi­t­h
        y­o­­ur fa­m­­i­ly b­­y d­o­i­­­­n­­g jo­­­bs t­h­at o­­n­l­y re­qui­re f­or yo­u t­o
        h­­a­­v­e a c­o­m­pu­­ter a­n­­d a­n int­ern­et ac­­c­ess a­nd y­ou c­a­n have
        t­hat a­t y­ou­r h­o­me. S­­ta­rt br­inging u­p t­o $­1­20­00 a mon­th.
        I’v­e st­a­r­­t­ed th­­is jo­b an­d i’v­e never be­en ha­ppi­er an­d no­w
        i a­m sh­ar­­ing i­t w­it­h y­ou, s­o y­ou c­an tr­y i­t to­o. Y­ou c­an
        ch­eck i­t o­u­t

    • Grandinquisitor1

      They must have been drinking at the same bar that the tanning bed folks use.

  • DCinAZ

    Sue the people of MA for voting for this clown instead.

    • Progressive Slayer all Night




      • miame

        They had to vote for her, she said she was an Indian.

        • Progressive Slayer all Night

          1/32??? i guess thats close enough for a liberal

          • Miles to Code

            I believe that 1/16th is actually the federal cutoff for claiming Indian heritage.

          • Progressive Slayer all Night

            not at Harvard, liz warren is the example

          • Pearl

            Doesn’t matter, it’s how highs the cheek bones momma.

          • mojorisin69

            She heard “stories” about being a native American. Apparently that is the new requirement.

            I heard stories about being a gay native American dwarf.
            Where’s my free shat?

        • itdoesntmatter

          She Who Hunts At Whole Foods

        • BayouKiki


      • FortSteve

        The flightless, egg laying fowl have come home to roost.

      • rtc_amesbury

        We have many names for Lizzie Warren here :

        Granny Warren
        Chief spreading-bull

        If it wasn’t for liberal voter fraud she never would have won!

        • sheinLV

          LOL!! good ones :)

        • Rico

          Don’t forget Wandering Beaver

        • Don August

          Then how do you explain away Ed Malarkey (D-Chevy Chase)? And it’s PRINCESS Lieawatha! You must never snub royalty by omitting their noble heritage!

          • FedUp

            Native Americans do not have princesses. That’s a European thing.

    • Rightstuff1

      Agreed – people just do not get it. they are as dumb as rocks or essentially Dumbocrats. Small businesses are the ones who create jobs. Without them its toast.

      No sympathy. Sorry. I’m tired of stupid.