Is The Autism ‘Epidemic’ Over?

By Karen Weintraub
Guest Contributor

It’s common knowledge that we’re in the midst of an autism epidemic, right?

Well, maybe not. Boston University professor Hershel Jick published a paper today in the BMJ suggesting that there was an autism epidemic in the 1990s, but it may be over.

He and his colleagues used what he says is the only database in the world with reliable, consistent data over the last 23 years – from the United Kingdom. And Jick says the trend is clear. Autism increased fivefold between 1990 and 2000, but has held steady since 2004, at least in the U.K.

What might cause such a precipitous rise and then a flat line? “It’s a complete mystery,” says Jick, who has been studying the epidemiology of disease since the mid-1960s and has never seen a similar trend.

“You tell me what there could be out there that increased the risk dramatically for 10 years and then stopped? There has to be something out there,” he says. But what it is? “I haven’t a clue.”

(Autism Speaks)

(Autism Speaks)

One of the biggest debates in autism in recent years has been genes versus environment. People who develop autism need a genetic vulnerability to the condition, but if it’s truly rising, there must be an environmental trigger, too, because genes can’t change quickly.

Events that affect the child, like vaccines or aging parents are very unlikely to be the cause, Jick says, because that’s not consistent with the data. Nor, he says, is the latest theory du jour:  that Tylenol is driving the spike in autism.

The Tylenol study, published in the Journal of Restorative Medicine, also suggests that the other “epidemics” of ADHD and asthma have also been caused by acetaminophen, the drug’s generic name. Again, Jick emphatically says “no way.”

The number of patients on treatment for ADHD increased in the U.K. in the mid-2000s, according to a study he published in 2004, but not in North America, where ADHD treatment has remained high and steady for decades. The timing of acetaminophen’s rise in popularity doesn’t coincide with the trends in ADHD or autism.

Jick and his colleagues examined the General Practice Research Database, which includes data from about 3 million patients from across the UK – roughly 5% of the nation’s population. Looking at 8-year-olds diagnosed with autism, they saw substantial increases in the 1990s, but a plateau between 2004 and 2010, the last year analyzed.

Rates of autism in the UK are also substantially lower than in North America, according to Jick’s research. The US Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 88 8-year-olds has autism, while another federal agency, counting all school-age children, recently put the figure at 1 in 50. The U.K. figures for autism in 8-year-olds are around to 1 in 220, Jick’s study shows.

Jick isn’t the only one saying that we are not in the throes of an autism epidemic. (I wrote about this debate for Nature in 2011.) Useful data sets are hard to come by, so there are lots of different numbers and theories floating around.

One national study, also in the U.K., found that about 1 in 100 adults has autism – suggesting there’s been no substantive increase since those adults were children decades ago.

But data compiled by the advocacy group Autism Speaks suggests autism rates have been climbing steadily since 1975, rising more than 600% over the last two decades. And anecdotally, most doctors of a certain age will say they never saw autistic children when they started out in medicine decades ago.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Unfortunately, it’s a profoundly unsatisfying one. Data is complicated. Autism is complicated. It’s diagnosed by people who are subject to different trends and social pressures. Was there something out there causing autism in British children that’s now gone away?

It’s possible, but “we may never figure it out,” Jick says.

Karen Weintraub, a Cambridge-based Health/Science journalist, is a frequent contributor to CommonHealth. Follow her on Twitter @kweintraub.

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  • autismepi

    Dr. Jick is mistaken, acetaminophen is likely a causal factor in autism. A new study reported in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that children prenatally exposed to long term acetaminophen use had substantially adverse developmental outcomes at 3 yrs of age.

  • Alain Couvier

    What has been overlooked that it was a substantial body of parents and caregivers that first indicated to the medical profession In the UK that there was indeed a serious concerns around a rise in Autism.

    They took many of their concerns both to the Government and UK health services and were routinely ‘fobbed off’. Of concern at that time was that no serious investigation of the children was undertaken by UK Health department officials that involved direct multidisciplined, genetic, physiological and neurological testing.

    There are clear environmental triggers that are well evidenced in Autism including viruses and bacteria … the epidemiology presented here in this article points to such an interaction. As has other epidemiology research.

    Clearly knowing that Autism children have profound differences in their immune systems and therefore it follows an increased vulnerability to viral / bacterial infection should mean health authorities must take a considerable burden in how they have acted (inacted) in a serious and at times devastating childhood health issue.

  • ccdaddy

    They want you, to talk to your doctors,their doctors haven’t a clue. They don’t even know the ingredients, or the amount of toxins and heavy metals that are truly in the vaccines. They are oblivious,to the fact that there is
    a synergistic effect when one combines the ingredients in vaccines. Any of them!

    For example, the Ped or Dr. does not know any of what the Manufacturer says about their own product. It’s called the MSDS sheet.They would be surprised, to find a warning in re activity data on the sheet to not ever mix Thimerosal with Aluminum. It causes, the toxicity rate to climb by 10 -100 times it’s original toxicity. Guess what these Geniuses did? Yep, it’s in there. Aluminum as a catalyst.

    The good Dr. or Ped. also does not know that, if you give Tylenol to bring down the vaccine related fever. Tylenol causes a drop, of the Glutathione the body uses to excrete the heavy metals in vaccines.

    That drop is 80% in 24 hours. That means, if you are already low on the Glutathione. As many children are. You could have ZERO ability, for the body to excrete the Thimerosals Mercury.

    Also on the MSDS,is a very clear warning

    “if you are exposed to thimerosal any future exposures may cause Mercury poisoning”

    I hope you got that, the manufacturer just shared that those in vaccine safety. BY not heeding a very clear warning, have set the stage for the perfect storm.

    For the neurological damage,that we are seeing everywherein our children. They also gave you the reason some children appear to be born with Autism. The mother gets, two flu shots containing the same Thimerosal. Some women have RH negative blood and they get those plus 2 more called Rhogam. That’s how children, can be born with Autism and Thimerosal be the cause.

    Here is the worse example of incompetence, involving not heeding very clear warnings in the MSDS. You see, the pregnant women are getting that but load of Mercury. Before the baby, is ever given that first dose of the injected mercury. Here’s why that is not such a good idea, it’s on the MSDS that “pregnant women should never be exposed to thimerosal, for it can cross the placenta and go into the baby and cause mild to severe mental retardation. (plus later, even more via breast feeding)

    You could not get dumber, or more dangerous than those that are responsible for vaccine safety. They truly, are in a class of their

  • ccdaddy

    Thimerosal was Banned! in the UK, but allowed to remain being injected till 2002 with an expiration date of 2004 in the US. Here’s why it still going up in the US, and not in the UK. The US. CDC’s Dir. upon removal of Thimerosal from children’s vaccines,she allowed it to remain going into Pregnant women and children 6 mos to two yr’s old through the flu vaccine. In-fact, she very highly suggested it with her words. CDC Dir. “pregnant women and children 6 mos. to 2 yr’s are at risk for flu compilations and must!get their flu shots”

    Here’s where it don’t make any sense, at the Simpsonwood meeting the consensus there was. That the earlier you go with the mercury, the more outcomes you would get. They even warned, about going into women prenatal. For mercury after birth, is not! prenatal they said. And, it would most certainly cause more outcomes.

    The UK cockraine collaboration (their IOM) said,it appears children 6 mos to 2yr’s get absolutely no!benefit from the inactivated flu vaccine.

    The MSDS (Manufacturers meteral safety data sheet) of Thimerposal says that “pregnant women are never supposed to be exposed to thimerosal,for it can cross the placenta and go into the baby and cause mild to severe mental retardation”

    Again, the original findings by the CDC Dir. was, it was a prudent measure to remove it from kids vaccines.

    So,why did she sneak it back in the children? Through the flu shots, that even the Manufacturer said (warned) would cause mild to severe mental retardation. And she knew, that children 6 mos. to 2 yr’s got no! benefit from it.

    So, either she was,stupid. Or she was trying,desperately to keep the numbers of Autism from falling to quickly. For they knew, if it was removed to rapidly the rates would come down,for the children would not be being given a IQ lowering neural-toxin anymore.

    And children, who are not being poisoned with mercury. They don’t, present with signs of Mercury poisoning.

    Also from the MSDS, “if you are exposed to thimerosal, any future exposures may cause mercury poisoning”

    You really couldn’t get anymore dumber,they ignored every warning that was ever
    put forth. Many from the manufacturer,it’s self.

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Ms. Weintraub plays fast and loose with technical words she appears not to understand. Epidemic is when the number of new cases is increasing rapidly with time. Endemic is when the number of new cases is relatively constant with time. E.g. AIDS is endemic right now – more or less everyone with a risk factor gets it, new people develop these risk factors and get it soon enough, the rate of new AIDS cases is constant. This does NOT mean it has ceased being a problem just because it isn’t an epidemic in the technical public health sense.

    Similarly for autism. It used to be endemic at 1 in 40,000. Now it is endemic at 1 in 100. This is a major public health problem!

    Of course, everyone knows vaccines are what cause autism. That’s why there are tons of papers pretending to show the opposite, but none showing it isn’t a new infectious disease or environmental chemical.

    The number of vaccines was low, the autism rate was low. Then the number of vaccines grew rapidly and the autism rate sailed up. Now that the number of vaccines has been constant for some years the autism rate has stabilized.

    Not only is the cause of autism simple, the solution is simple. Doctors poison babies for a living. If doctors doing this face long prison terms or the death penalty, they’ll be really careful to ensure the parents know vaccines can cause autism and to not give them to children with a lot of risk factors. As long as everyone is pretending the cause of autism is unknown, the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese 1% of children will continue to turn autistic, 15% ADHD, with corresponding large percentages getting asthma and severe allergies.

    It’s time to recognize autism is not a medical problem, it’s a law enforcement problem. Start punishing criminals – doctors – and there will be a lot fewer victims.

  • yankeegirl1

    has anyone considered the possiblity of mass poisoning? …because to me that is what this dramatic increase points too. Has anyone sought input on this from toxicologists? has anyone even considered the possibility that children, who inexplicably regressed, were showing symptoms of POISONING? Is that too hard to fathom? or is the idea of mass poisoning so unfathomable that everyone goes into denial or look to genetics because that is safe. Sorry but this makes me angry. Autism has been increasing for 20 years. Millions of dollars has been spent on autism research. Millions of dollars has been raised through various charity events. CDC keeps saying “we don’t know what causes it” – they said the same thing 20 years ago- that is UNACCEPTABLE. as is “we may never figure it out”..also unacceptable– no, you don’t WANT to figure it out or face the ugly truth.

  • Enoughlies

    Pure BS they all know that autism has increased and it correlates directly with the increase in vaccines. Shame on all of those who continue on with these lies protecting the medical establishment on a failed path that now has become similar to the Republicans path doomed. The endless lies on this hideous rope of deception are ready to knot those involved so tight they will all strangle in an effort to free themselves from involvement.

  • Mark Curran

    The compilation of data on autism in the UK is pretty hopeless and should not be relied upon – and I know – I have worked in the NHS for 20 years.

    There is huge pressure on schools in the UK to place ever increasing numbers of children with autism into schools and yet there is no routine, nationally co-ordinated database – and I know – I have two children on the spectrum.

    It’s a disgrace.

    • Andrei Bilderburger


      Yes, that’s how I felt about the study that used data from Kaiser Permanente health plan. Myself and most people I knew were members of that and our charts don’t even accurately reflect things like major surgeries, much less blood tests, vaccinations, etc.

  • Dermott McSorley

    As an Autistic Man of 60 I think I will throw in my 2 cents worth. The diagnosis for me was recent . I don”t think I recently contracted the syndrome though. I have always been Autistic. I didn’t get vaccinated for measles rather I got got measles . The first time I got Tylenol was in my teens. As best as I can see many on both sides of my family are or were Autistic. High functioning but with quirks as was said at the time.

    My thought is that many my age are Autistic but not diagnosed. Much of the increase appears to be better diagnosis .

    • Vito Alexander Pavlovic

      Then you are not autistic and have been misdiagnosed, surely with the new DSM, you would not be diagnosed with autism!

      • rjgwood

        That is not accurate. The new DSM would not necessarily result in someone such as Dermott not being given a diagnosis of autism. That is absolutely not indicated by the changes in the DSM that have been released. Not to mention that researchers are getting brain scan confirmation of autism. So, we are going to actually have been diagnostic tools that may actually increase the rates.

        • ccdaddy

          I talked with the lead author, that was doing the brain scans.

          I said, have you ever thought that the injected Mercury could be making these changes? Since, it’s on the MSDS that Thimerosal is a mutagenic. And also, that thimerosal targets the brain and the lining around the brain.

          So says, the makers.

    • Kusman

      Youre too far to called an austic…
      So unsuitable with common autistic that I have known before…

    • ccdaddy

      So your Autistic, my so cannot speak since his 27 month vaccines, He screams all the time, he stems (flapping arms) and spins in circles as a ritual.

      Do you have these same, problems. Or, do you just have a problem dealing with life and getting dates.

      • Yalta

        Do you understand the difference between high-functioning and low-functioning autism?
        When I was a baby, I ignored people, stared off into space, pushed people away, was nonverbal (until early intervention at age 3), curled up in a ball and lived in my own little world.
        Early intervention had me talking and being more “normal”, but I was always the last kid picked for any sport, didn’t understand how to fit in and relate to others, lost all my “friends” as they drifted away from me (I was always the last popular with them), and have always had life troubles.
        Yes, high-functioning autism is still autism. I feel bad for your son, but the two of us do technically have a different form of the same condition. So don’t act like it’s impossible for someone who can communicate intelligently on the internet to have autism – it’s just a completely different form.

      • Kathi Ringue Mattea

        Not all people diagnosed with autism are the same. My daughter is 14, diagnosed with autism at 2-1/2 She’s now in a mainstream geometry, art, and PE classes. She’s in resource for English, science, and social studies. She will never be mistaken for “Typical” and I worry about her being independent. It’s not a good look to begrudge and dismiss other peoples issues. Yes, yours may be worse than someone elses, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an issue for them. While I know how lucky I am that my daughter is doing well, I certainly don’t begrudge parents or people with autism who have it easier than I do, who’s children are even more high functioning.

        I really feel for those parents who’s children are more severely affected. Especially when their child’s issues seem to have been brought on by vaccinations that are supposedly to be for their protection. I can’t imagine having to walk in your shoes. Have you tried the Pecan Bread Diet for your son?

  • Twylaa

    It’s not so complicated. The huge increase in vaccines caused a huge increase in autism. One of the problematic ingredients in vaccines – thimerosal (a preservative which is 49.6% ethyl mercury) – has been decreased significantly (though not totally eliminated). This may account for the leveling off, even though there are still other ingredients in vaccines which may cause the neuroinflammation and other effects that we call autism.

    • Twylaa

      BTW, people like to say that thimerosal was removed in the year 2000, but actually vaccines preserved with thimerosal were not recalled, and continued to be used until their expiration dates several years later. A few vaccines continue to contain thimerosal as a preservative. For others thimerosal is used in the manufacturing process, after which the mercury is supposedly removed via a purification process which is self-monitored by the manufacturers – only tested by the FDA at the time of the vaccine’s licensure. So most thimerosal was gradually phased out, not as quickly as some claim, and not completely. Meanwhile more vaccines continue to be added to the schedule – but some parents are vaccinating on a slower, more selective schedule.

    • bpatient

      Twylaa wrote: “The huge increase in vaccines caused a huge increase in autism.”

      Well, no. As you should understand, that’s just the ignorant “correlation equals causation” fallacy, yet again.

      Lot’s of things increased concomitantly with the apparent increase in the
      prevalence of ASD. For example, the frequency of bestowing the name
      “Mason” on an American boy increased about eleven-fold during the period
      that you might link to the autism “epidemic.” Vaccines have been extensively
      studied as a potential cause of ASD, and that possible link has been
      consistently refuted—but the increased prevalence of “Mason,” like the increased use of smartphones, iPads, and laptop computers, may well still be associated (at least statistically) with the prevalence of ASD—at least
      those factors have not been studied as extensively as vaccines.

      Be very afraid.

      • ccdaddy

        People, bpatient, is a shill, every time an article comes out where parents share that vaccines are responsible. The paid pharma hit men, and women go to work doing there job discrediting them.

        • lilady R.N.

          Flagged for another of ccdaddy’s libelous statements.

          • ccdaddy

            Libelous, I did not mean anything by it. Heck everybody’s got to make a living. Some choose not to sell out children,and do it the old fashioned way. Earn it!

          • lilady R.N.

            Flagged again for your vile libelous personal attacks.

            I earned my salary by working as a public health nurse clinician-epidemiologist.

            Now ccdaddy a.k.a. other sock puppets, how do you earn your money? Are you employed full-time to earn money for your family?

          • ccdaddy

            Now as for you, I asked a question on another article where you kept flagging me. Till my comments to you, were all but gone. That’s how you, answer the hard to answer questions.

            Ok, so I will ask the same question. Lilady do you take the flu vaccine?

            What do you think of the biggest nurses association, fighting mandatory flu vaccines for Nurses?

          • lilady R.N.

            I take the seasonal influenza vaccine every year.

            Are you referring to the ANA (American Nursing Association’s)

            stance on seasonal influenza vaccine?


        • bepatienz

          That’s quite a response.

          In an attempt to refute my point, you seem to have relied on an obviously weak ad hominem attack along with clear deficits in sentence structure, grammar, and logic.

          • ccdaddy

            You and your minions, attack and ridicule me. All the time.

          • ccdaddy

            Why is it anyone else can miss spell words, and their not attacked as I am. by you?

      • ccdaddy

        Their words, not ours “it looks like a graph, but it isn’t a graph” they were talking about the vaccines going up! At exactly the same rate as Autism!

        What exactly, was the vaccine that caused her child’s destruction?

        Take your pick , most all ingredients in vaccines. Is either, heavy metals or toxins. With aborted fetal tissue, and animal RNA and DNA on the side. With a pinch of antifreeze, that’s been added just for those cold nights.


    • lilady R.N.

      Which vaccine(s) caused your child’s autism Twyla?

    • Twylaa

      Another factor in England is that they stopped using a brand of MMR that contained the Urabe mumps virus, known to cause more adverse reactions, specifically inflammation of the brain – aseptic (germ less) meningitis.

      • lilady R.N.

        Aseptic meningitis caused by the Urabe strain of mumps virus, is not autism, nor, by the way, is encephalitis.

        • Twylaa

          Studies have found inflammation in the brain and nervous system to be a factor in autism – for example, this one:

          Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.
          Vargas DL, Nascimbene C, Krishnan C, Zimmerman AW, Pardo CA.
          Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

          • lilady R.N.

            You never even read that article you linked to Twyla, did you?

            Not a word in there about Urabe mumps strain vaccine or encephalitis.

            Nice try, though.

          • ccdaddy

            Before the Brains where destroyed in the freezer, with BTW 3 fail safes. Harvard was busy, finding the reason they were set to be destroyed. You see, they were finding in Autopsied brains of Autistic children. Mercury!they said the Mercury was causing oxidative stress. And that, was causing the symptoms.

            Shortly after that finding,(of an inconvenient truth) the brains were all rounded up put into one freezer. (again with 3 fail safes)

            The freezer failed, and they all were destroyed.Their problem, was now solved. Those selflessly donated brains, could no longer talk and tell the story. The story, that hey had been poisoned.

  • jimjogs

    In 1997 the United Kingdom (as well as the rest of Europe) formally accepted that ADHD existed (I know as I delivered a paper on ADHD in college age students at the first European conference on ADHD held at Cambridge University). However, European MD’s (especially those in the UK) have been, and continue to be skeptical of this disorder, and identification rates therefore remain low (they tend to cling to ADHD issues in children as associated more with poor parenting and discipline).

    It is my opinion that a similar issue is occurring in the US with autistic diagnosis. I have observed that children previously diagnosed with other impairments (Mild MR, PDD, Learning Disabled, Communication Disorders, etc…) were in the last ten to fifteen years re-diagnosed as having Autism. An autistic diagnoses has been more positive and hopeful for parents versus their being told years ago that their child was mildly to moderately intellectually disabled (MR) or had a severe learning disability.

    It’s all in the labels and cultural overview.

    • Twylaa

      Studies have shown that changes in diagnosis can only account for a minor portion of the huge increase in autism. This is supported by statistics from a variety of sources (such as schools, state agencies) and by personal experience and memories.

      See what Dr. Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, has to say here:
      Click on the link to the entire transcript at the end of the article.

      See this report on statistics from California’s regional centers:
      Autism Spectrum Disorders: Changes in the California Caseload An
      Update: June 1987 – June 2007

      UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute study shows California’s autism
      increase not due to better counting, diagnosis

      • jimjogs

        Read the articles, and I see no definitive data that suggests that my original points are inaccurate. In fact the reports point to a drop in the diagnosis of other disorders which in addition to better diagnostic assessment (we are better at identifying children younger and more accurately than even ten years ago) tend to balance-out the increases somewhat. However, since this is a developing and rapidly changing scene, and with our understanding of the science of the brain moving at an even faster pace we must always remain open to new information/discoveries. I stand on my statements and observations.

        • Twylaa

          No, that’s not what these articles say at all. The articles I posted say that there has been a genuine, significant increase which cannot be explained by better diagnosis or diagnostic shifting.

    • Vito Alexander Pavlovic

      jimjogs, along with autism, all the other conditions you have listed continued to increase as well “(Mild MR, PDD, Learning Disabled, Communication Disorders, etc…)”, so it wasn’t just a labeling replacement, it was also a true increase in autism.

      • jimjogs

        These conditions are not on the increase. As a Licensed Psychologist my practice is primarily neuropsychological assessment. I have seen nothing in the professional literature or amongst/within my fellow neuropsychologists that would suggest otherwise. Only alarmist media and crackpots suggest otherwise.

        • ccdaddy

          Nero like you fiddled, while Rome burned. Your own so called professionals,set cost at 6 million dollars each. And that’s if left it’s untreated.

          • jimjogs

            Sorry friend. I don’t respond to moronic trolls.

          • ccdaddy

            Some classy Dr, Calling someone you don’t know a troll.

            Do you have a anger problem?

          • jimjogs

            No anger problem, but autism is a serious disorder deserving serious scientific and fact based discussion and I do not tolerate moronic trolls who make silly – unhelpful statements about the lives of those who struggle with these issues. I do not suffer fools well.

  • autismepi

    A recent study in Nature states “Our findings suggest that chemicals and genetic mutations that impair topoisomerases could commonly contribute to autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders”.

    Acetaminophen’s toxic metabolite NAPQI is a topoisomerase poison. Just doubling the recommended dosage of acetaminophen can cause it to convert to NAPQI. Caution and research is warranted.

    • ccdaddy

      Tylenol, brings down the Glutathione by 80 something percent in a 24 hour
      time span. Glutathione, is the body’s transport system to get Mercury out of the body. Like I said, Idiots run vaccine safety. Idiots, the never! heed any warnings.

  • autismepi

    Acetaminophen, the most used pharmaceutical by both pregnant women and children has not been studied with any rigorous epidemiology as a causal factor in autism. Biologic and ecologic data strongly suggests that this needs to be done.

    Acetaminophen’s metabolites have been shown to produce neurotoxic effects in rats accompanied by autistic like behavioral changes. Acetaminophen’s usage DOES correlate with the rise in autism. Many of the characteristics of autism are characteristics of acetaminophen toxicity -glutathione depletion,oxidative stress, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction. Acetaminophen has a very low therapeutic index so it can be converted to it’s toxic metabolites by simply doubling the recommended dose.

    • autismepi

      Acetaminophen, as a causal factor in autism, offers a plausible
      explanations for why males have autism 4-5 times more often than girls.
      In the mid 1990′s, hospitals started giving boys 5-7 doses of
      acetaminophen with the circumcision procedure. Metabolic pathways are
      not well developed at this age and boys can’t metabolize acetaminophen
      as well as girls. Worldwide and US state circumcision rates highly
      correlate to their autism rates. Correlation is not causation but this
      calls for further research.

  • Kathi Ringue Mattea

    Well if it’s been holding steady, that means the rate of diagnosis has held steady correct? How is that ending an epidemic. 1 in 110 children still being diagnosed with autism is hardly the type of news to wipe your brow and say “Whew glad that epidemic is over with” If it was “Epidemic” at that rate in 2004 it’s STILL “Epidemic”

    • ccdaddy

      No latest is, 1 – 50 children with 1 in 31 being boys now have Autism.

  • Guest


  • Mohammed Athari

    The reason is simple. We were lead poisoning 88% of our offspring in the 1970s. We them stopped. By the 1980s we were lead poisoning 8% and by the 1990s were were lead poisoning 4%. We are now down to 2%. We should see much lower numbers of autism. In fact, we have the Flynn effect, the concept that intelligence has increased substantially every decade by several IQ points.

    • Vito Alexander Pavlovic

      So if we were poisoning 88% of the population in the 70′s why is it that the rate began to explode only in 1986 after we started to increase vaccinations to children, surely lead has been around for many years before the seventies, I am sorry but your theory just doesn’t make any sense.