The Good News, Bad News Story On Measles

Back of female with measles/ Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images/flickr

Back of female with measles/ Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images/flickr

By Alexandra Morris
CommonHealth Intern

Lately, when you hear about measles in the news, the reports tend to be grim: outbreaks in 2011 and 2013 in the U.S., parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children for religious or philosophical reasons. But a new report from the CDC this week paints a bigger – and far more heartening – picture: from 2000 to 2012, 13.8 million deaths were prevented through measles immunizations globally. In other words, a population roughly the size of New England is still alive thanks to the measles vaccine.

Deaths from measles have dropped 78% since 2000. “These figures represent historic lows for estimated measles deaths globally,” said James Goodson, a co-author of the CDC report published in this week’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Since 2000, the Measles and Rubella Initiative – a partnership between various agencies including the CDC and the World Health Organization – has provided over a billion doses of measles vaccinations worldwide.

Measles was eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, but there have been a couple of recent spikes in cases. Just last year, there were three times as many measles infections in the U.S. than in previous years. In raw numbers, that translates to 189 cases, according to the CDC. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, such a highly contagious disease can spread rapidly, especially among people who haven’t been vaccinated.

Countries around the world are also aiming to eliminate measles by 2020 or earlier. Europe, for example, set a goal of measles elimination by 2015. But it doesn’t look like they’re on track to meet that goal, said Goodson. That may be due in part to parents’ fears about the possibility of vaccine side effects.

In 1998, a British medical journal issued a report suggesting the measles vaccine was linked to autism cases, which led to a sharp decline in vaccinations. Although the report was discredited, and later retracted by the journal, parent and anti-vaccine groups continue to fight against routine immunizations.

Misinformation is a major threat to vaccine efforts, say public health officials. Another issue is that people tend to forget how dangerous measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases can be, especially for children.

If you were born before the measles vaccine was first developed in 1963, you might recall waking up one day with a fever and what felt like a really bad head cold. Before long, the itching started – first just a little on your face and neck, and then suddenly your entire body was covered in a full-blown rash: the surefire sign of a measles infection.

Sadly for many, it doesn’t end there. For every 1,000 children who are infected with measles, 1-2 die from the disease. In developing countries, the numbers are even more terrifying – as many as one in four people will die from a measles infection, largely because of malnutrition.

“Here we have a safe and effective, inexpensive vaccine that’s been available for over 50 years now and it works and we know it can prevent measles,” said Goodson. “Efforts are needed to get the vaccine out to reach all children.”

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  • EJD1

    To the contrary you have not done your homework. You site one study that has been never replicated and never published. You are clearly not a scientist and do not understand medicine. Still, you are welcome to your misguided point of view. I only hope that you don’t have children that have been denied vaccination.

  • ccdaddy

    I hope you parents,are noticing that the vaccine pushing shills. Have abandoned,
    a hopeless cause. They, cannot fight truth. Notice, that they have not answered
    any of my post. I really wish,they would try to explain.How so many people, have so much conflict of interest. And yet, they can be non bias??????

    It appears, that those posting in favor of vaccines here. Would not, be very good at
    adding 2 plus 2. If they cannot see,that they broke every law in the books on ethics. Just to hide,the worse medical mistake in the history of this planet. That, and to save their pharma invested wealth.

  • ccdaddy

    Some of this, will have been repeated. From a previous post.

    Do any of you, recall Murdoch’s right hand man? The hack, poor excuse for a journalist Mr.(Brian Deer) He has said,. “that these children, don’t have any bowel disorders”

    It appears,that Dr Wakefields accuser. By very strong, irrefutable evidence. Was in our case,wrong!

    The pill cam,(it’s just an electronic device) it doesn’t lie. But they do,and they did.
    It was a scheme,created by Brian Deers boss. Media empire, Murdoch. Young Murdoch, he was in control of GSK. He, like most rich people don’t ever like losing money. EVER!!!!!!!!! So they had decided, that the ever so caring and brilliant compassionate Dr. Wakefield and his research. Was to damning, to their product.
    The GSK MMR.

    They came to the conclusion, that he and it. (the research) Had to go. And since GSK, had made the MMR. That was fragmenting off, and embedding it’s self into some of the Autistic children’s Guts. They decided, that they weren’t going to set idly by. And let, all of their Pharma invested.GSK & Merck heavily invested Golden Retirement Parachutes. Plummet, to the ground! That is, not without a fight. The fight, was to be. The total and complete, annihilation of a very compassionate Dr.–Dr Wakefield. They all, had decided that his career. Was to be sacrificed!

    The Hero,who later would become to the Autistic community. Considered a martyr, that gave up everything. For the children. The UK government, they assisted in this destruction. You see parents,they (the UK government) were warned by the MMR manufacturer. GSK

    “if we put 3 live viruses in 1 vial, there will be many children harmed” Those were,GSK’s words to the UK Government. The UK Government words were, hollow and ever so cold.

    “we will pay off, the parents of the vaccine injured”

    They later, would completely conveniently forget all of their own words. Their words, of promising compensation. Paying for the UK’s children. That their MMR program had needlessly destroyed. For the savings, of a few cents a child. Their now paying,6 million each. For their ever so apparent Greed to save penny’s, they are now paying life long care for each child effected. At a cost, of 6 million, each! That’s sick! and mathematically senseless.

    Andy later, would put it in his book. A total disregard, for the health of the children. That’s, putting it lightly! Andy. It’s more like, conspiring with the enemy to hide the insane amounts of damage. That was done. By a Vaccination program,that is under the influence of (Pride & Arrogance ) And worse was, their all consuming insatiable Greed.

    Those in the UK Government, they and many others GMC ( General Medical Counsel ) assisted in Dr. Wakefields career destruction. All, had ties to those on the board of GSK.

    In other words, they were all lying and scheming. In order, to keep GSK from tanking. The US.Government health agency’s, and the Major Media. Would later, join in on this character assassination. To save,the US.based Pharmaceutical Co. Merck, that also makes MMR vaccines. That, and their reputations and careers.

    So now we have an answer,over two decades later. And the ending, of a career of a very concerned. Very caring, brilliant cutting edge Gastroenterologist.

    And it’s BTW, the same exact answer that the brilliant caring DR. Wakefield was destroyed for. He my son, has the new variant bowel disorder. Dr. Wakefield found. Decades ago.

    In fact,they called it autistic inflammatory bowel disease. Dr.Wakefields work was,that he had identified children with Autism. That also had, a bowel disorder.

    His work,it had to be silenced. Because the cause,it appears. Was Vaccine strain measles, being found in the (Guts and in the cerebral spinal) of the UK Autistic children.

    And the only measles,that all these Autistic children had in common. Could only come, from the MMR. Well, the publication of that finding. They figured, could be, and probably would be. An un-welcomed, embarrassing public relations nightmare. That kind of PR, it could have ended and probably would have ended. The MMR program. And that, would put two major vaccine makers. In a very very extremely bad (economically speaking) position.

    If it were found,that the MMR vaccine was the culprit that was responsible for all
    of that Gut damage. Merck, and also GSK stocks would plummet.Thus destroying, many golden retirement parachutes. Hence, the need to mobilize any and all opposition against a very embarrassing. And very costly,possibly career ending for many. Inconvenient truth.

    That the MMR vaccine,it was overwhelming the immune system. And fragmenting off, and it was embedding it’s self ( the measles ) in the Guts of the ( MMR) vaccinated UK. And the American children. They knew,that to be a possibility.

    Because of the warning, that was given in the single dose M-M-R package inserts. That stated, (to not give, within 3 weeks, to a month of another live virus) They were,rightly so. Deathly afraid,that one of the viruses.

    Might take hold,and set up residence in the body. It did, and sadly to say. Most likely,they knew it. To be fact! Or,they strongly suspected it. By the earlier work,
    of the brilliant caring Gastrointerologist. Dr. Wakefield. So he, and his research. For the greater good ( No!Greed) they had to be silenced. To save everybody’s, heavily invested ( Merck and GSK ) Golden Retirement Parachutes.

    He and his work, was sacrificed. So that many high ups, could keep their reputations. And, their Pharma invested wealth. While the children suffer, the CDC AAP FDA all pretend to be busy. By wasting! US.CAA money. (Combating Autism Act) A fund,that was created by the US Congress. They are, spending unlimited CAA funds. They are tossing them, down a genetic rat hole. Trying desperately, to find that one magic gene. That they think,can save all of their reputations. And their heavily invested, Pharma based, wealth.

    As a parent,that’s living with the aftermath of preventable vaccine damage. I’m totally speechless, that anybody could do this level of Evil. To any child! And then try, to justify their actions. By declaring. That some, will have to be sacrificed. For the greater good. Meaning, not even treating the American or UK children that they destroyed. Allowing them to suffer!

    That’s beyond EVIL! Many of you parents,you are in the valley of decision.
    And you, are asking your selves.This Question.

    “ which of the vaccines, are necessary ”

    None of them! Until, they have cleaned up the corruption. That punishes the good,and rewards the Evil. The Evil, that appears to run the US. and UK. children’s Vaccines program.

  • ccdaddy

    My son, has been suffering for decades in his Gut. The current findings, out of Calif.
    Are saying, that there’s a Gut brain connection to Autism. That isn’t, new news. In fact,
    it was the findings of a very brilliant Gastroenterologist. The ever so caring, Hero. Dr Wakefield.The US. children,that have severe Autism,that also have the bowel disorder. That’s causing unmerciful pain and suffering. They,because of a lack of knowledge of what to do for them. Are being labeled,as children that just have. (very bad Autistic behavior)

    And so, their treated as such. Sent to Psyh. Dr. after Psyh Dr. Many, are drugged out of their heads.Till, their sitting up in a wheel chair. Drooling, all over their selves. No one at all, in the mainstream medical community. Is willing, to listen to the parents concerns. Legitimate concerns, that their children are suffering! Horribly.

    From Gut pains, that could stop an elephant! We parents,dealing with the vaccine damaged aftermath. We,are Just met with blank stares. Were told, that these children. They,( just have bad Autistic behavior). They do upper,and lower GI’s. Conveniently,
    finding nothing. They come out, and proudly say. Sorry, there’s just nothing there!

    And by the way,you do know that. That horrible Dr, Dr. Wakefield has been discredited.

    I asked, about doing a pill cam. I’m told, they can’t justify doing a pill cam, with their findings. After two decades,of my sons needless suffering. Sometimes,going non stop night and day.

    We find a Dr, who had mercy on my son, and our family. He said,he would do a pill cam for our son. The pill cam,has finally revealed. The decades old, damage. It was 14.5 inches,of red raw bleeding ulcers. There,probably for decades. It, had him beating his head, arms, & hands, till they were deeply bruised and sometimes bloody. At times, he would beat his back against the wall, sometimes off and on, all night long.

    He was needlessly, Unmercifully suffering!!! from preventable vaccine damage. And as parents, who love our son. We to, were suffering. By not being able to do much, to help him cope with the pain. At that point,we had tried it all. But since he was nonverbal, we did not even know where the pain was coming from. Or, for that matter. How, to even deal with it!


  • ccdaddy

    They appear to be on the blame game (older dads older moms) ask your self this. If many, support the Gut inflammation as being a major part of autism. Why are they not, doing research to find out where this inflammation is coming from? Why, is their almost no money given. For what the biologic symptoms, of the child with autism. Is showing?

    If this is fact,why not treat the kids effected in the Gut. And stop, the suffering? Instead they just ignore all findings that are not of the genetic kind. The fact is,if they were to be able to lessen the problems in the Gut. The long term cost of these children, would drop by as much as 2 thirds. In the most, severe cases.

    Changes in bacteria in the gut can influence autism


    This was a research, that was done by Caltech. It’s cutting edge! research,that could end the suffering of the children. Children,with severe Bowel injury and Autism. And in turn,it can also reduce the current lifelong care cost. Of, 6 million for each! child effected. By, two thirds. Problem is, the CDC has to eat crow first! This is our story, about our son that was destroyed! by the out of control AAP CDC vaccine program.

    A vaccine program, that’s predominately ran by Pharma. The (ACIP),that is trusted to vote on vaccines used in the US. vaccine schedule. Is mostly, CORRUPT! Most on the ACIP, have straight ties to all the Vaccine Co’s. Basically, it’s Vaccine Co’s.Voting with each other, to enrich their selves with your tax dollars.

    Using, our own Government tax payer paid health agencies. As their own, personal fear mongers. In order to push, their garbage that they call children’s vaccines. That’s BTW, chocked full of heavy metals and toxins that the FDA AAP and CDC says is good for your baby’s and children. ????????? Problem, what their injecting in our children. Cannot be legally flushed into the city sewer system. That is without committing,a federal crime.

  • ccdaddy

    Fiona Godlee of the BMJ,appears to have had financial ties to Merck–manufacturer of 13 vaccines. She also,had acknowledged. She, had some income from GSK the manufacturer of several vaccines as well. That’s quite a conflict!

    Brian Deer,he had total ties to Murdoch through the Times. And his under handed tactics, to find out the names of these children. Was, unethical if not down right against the law. And showed,that the Apple does not fall far from the tree. The Apple,Deer / The tree,Murdoch

    Murdochs publications, was involved in allegedly wire tapping the royals. And, some of the stars.

  • ccdaddy

    The Lancet, was involved. And so was GSK, in jacking up the courageous DR. Wakefield.

    James Murdoch’s GSK directorship, is only part of a far reaching network of conflict of interest. Which undoubtedly, promoted the stripping of Wakefield’s licence to practice medicine in the UK. Brian Deer’s research, was assisted by Medico-Legal Investigations. A private eye company, whose only source of funding is the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry; judge, Sir Nigel Davis, denied parents whose children Wakefield treated. The right, to be heard in court about claims against vaccine manufacturers; judge Davis’ brother is an executive board member of Elsevier (publishers of the Lancet which removed Wakefield’s 1998 paper on the discovery of the new bowel disease) and is also on the Board of GSK; the Chairman of the General Medical Council Fitness to Practice Panel who ruled against Wakefield, Dr Kumar, refused to answer questions about his shareholdings in GSK. As well as, the Sunday Times and the London Times which both carried Deer’s malevolent reports, Reuters and the Daily Mirror, both joined the character assassination; the head of Reuters serves on the Board of Merck, the other manufacturer of MMR; Daily Mirror writer, Miriam Stoppard is wife to Sir Christopher Hogg, 2004 Chairman of GSK. This is incestuous relationship,between the Pharma Company’s and Government. Is also, involving Journals and reporters. Dr.Wakefield,and his research had not a chance. Rich people in high places,do not like to lose money. Ever! They have falsely, accused a man of great integrity. And compassion. Of something, he never did!

    Surly Parents, you can see incestuous relations. All willing, to sacrifice a brilliant
    caring Dr’s spotless career.

  • ccdaddy

    Dr Wakefield, was criticized for asking parents whose children were at his child’s birthday party. To let him, draw blood for five dollars a child.

    That, they said, was very cruel and unethical. They can inject, up to 9 vaccines on one day at one point in time.Sticking the kids, at the same time in both arms & then,seconds later. Both legs.

    That’s! not considered,cruel and unethical?????? They are hypocrites,of the worse kind. Lying, to save their reputations. And most of all, their Pharma invested wealth.

    At the time,that Dr Wakefield found that children with Autism also had a new variant bowel disorder. There was,ample single dose vials on hand.

    So, they (the UK. GOV.) are the ones that are to blame for not erring on the side of caution. But honestly,how could they.You see parents, in the GMC = General Medical Counsel discoveries. Dr. Wakefields defense, had found proof that the UK government was told by GSK. If they do, combine the M-M-R in a 3 in 1 vaccine. That many children, may be harmed. The Uk’s answer, to that. Was,cold and very uncaring “we will pay off the parents, of the effected children” It appears, that saving a few cents a vaccine,was worth the life of a child. Now it appears, since the damage has been done. There’s no going back. And the evidence is in,and the damage is greater than they ever thought. It appears, that good Dr. Wakefield. He ask the person in the UK, that was responsible for taking away the option of single dose vials.

    Why she did it! Her answer, was just as cold as the UK’s Gov. answer.

    “it would have destroyed,our MMR program” She said. In other words,their precious MMR program. Meant more, than the safety of the very children they were charged with protecting. They have lost sight,of their obligation to the public.

    They have put, all their confidence in a program. That, by the current emerging evidence. Appears, by very convincing evidence, to be no better than fools Gold.

    Here is the perfect example, of their continuing inability to heed warnings of any kind.

    In the single dose, M—-M—-R vaccine vial package insert. It states, as a warning!

    ” do not give, within 3 weeks, to a month of another live virus ”

    You see parents, that was sound advice. That was totally ignored, clearly not followed.
    The Maker, of the Single dose vials of the M___M___R were afraid that if they were given to close. That one of them, might just take hold. By over whelming, the immune system. And then, embed it’s self into the body of the child. In other words,the vaccine strain type Measles. Had set up residence, in the body of the UK. and US. children. And the rest of the MMR vaccinated children of the world! That’s, a Public Relations nightmare! That in it’s self. Could, destroy their sacred cash cow. The vaccine program.

    Next, I will send the evidence that all who were in bed on this. Most,of them. Had a very significant, amount of money in GSK and Merck. That, they stood to lose.

    So the bearer of the bad news,was to be discredited first. And then, his career. Was, to be unmercifully obliterated! To the point, that no one ever dare to go there again! Questioning, their vaccine science. Was never, to happen again! That’s the problem, Pride Arrogance and Greed, has replaced. Common sense, logic, and compassion.

  • ccdaddy

    What, is wrong with this Nation. Was addressed, by the Bible. Thousands of yr’s ago,
    and it will be. What will, eventually buries us. Mystery Babylon,will be destroyed in 1 Hr.
    It will be, because she(Mystery Babylon) would not repent of her Pharmacai.

    This, once great Nation. Has sold it’s soul, and the (freedom of this Nations press) to the Pharmaceutical Companies.

    The Powerful House Appropriations Committee, from Congress. Acting under pressure from the parents of the vaccine injured,researcher’s, and other Congressman. They asked, to see the science. That the CDC, Dir. had for her concluding vaccines. Don’t! cause Autism.

    They brought, the NIH in to do the work. The NIH, turned that political hot potato over to the NIH’s NIEHS (the environmental side, of the NIH) The studies, they were all evaluated by NIEHS’s Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Ph.D., M.P.H.

    Dr. Picciottos findings, were as follows. That, all the large population based environmental studies done in the VSD. She concluded,( by evaluation) that they were en-effect useless. Her words were,that they were riddled full of design flaws. Rendering them, en-effect useless! The expert,from NIEHS. Also, said this in regards to those very highly quoted by the CDC AAP & FDA Denmark studies.

    As bad, as the VSD environmental studies were. They were an improvement, over the other two.The two Denmark studies. That was said, by the NIEHS’s Dr Picciotto. Years, before the Danish fraud was uncovered. The CAA funded fraud, that was being produced for the CDC. Out of Denmark.

    From a FOIA email,one can easily discern. That the CDC, had no real desire to get to the real truth. Of what had happened, to an entire generation. Of now, neurologically disabled American children. Especially, since it had happened on their (CDC) CBER watch. In fact, Dr. Egan of CDC’s CBER div. was told by a US. Congressman.

    ” DR Egan, on your watch we have lost a generation of children ”

    That happened, at a Congressional hearing on vaccines and Autism. Dr. Egan, after being told that. He just, turned into a zombie. His eyes, got glazed over. He looked like a deer, caught in headlights. It took 2 women from HHS, to escort him out of the hearing. They were literately, having to holding him up. One would have to be an idiot,to see that. And not know, that this is a cover up. He Dr. Egan. Was struck! down to his very core, of his being. I saw the video,if we had freedom of the press. This nightmare, would have ended the next day. The fact that it didn’t,proves the press is under a type of gag order, on this issue. The question, is who ordered it. The CDC, or the the media? Either way, it is not! their place to withhold anything. That’s, this important,about the health of our children. This Nations, most Precious Resource.

    The FOIA email, that they fired off to the Denmark researcher. Was absolute proof, their intentions were dishonorable.And meant, to get the researcher to do exactly what he did. Fraudulent research!

    ” we are only interested,in what will exonerate the CDC and vaccines ”

    That’s what they told, the lead Denmark researcher. That BTW parents,has been indicted in the US. on 22 counts of fraud. Ask your self this,in the land of the free. Boasting of the freedom of the press. Why has this, not made the news? Breaking News, ABC news, has just learned. That, the researcher that gave the CDC the science proving mercury in the US. children’s vaccines and the MMR. Was safe. He has been indicted, on 22 counts of fraud! He has been indicted, on theft of almost 2 million dollars of Congressional created
    combating autism act research funds.

    The House Appropriations Committee, asked for a response from the CDC Dir. Dr.Julie Gerberding. About the NIEHS’s congressional report. A report to Congress,that appeared
    to put her at about -0- evidence. That the current vaccines, and schedule, as they were then. Was ever safe,and that they did not cause the current Autism epidemic.

    Dr. Picciottos last words, on the subject.Should have, ended this insanity of vaccine induced chronic disease ( including Autism ) And, to many others to list.

    Dr. Picciotto ” that leaves very little, for the CDC to go on in terms of proving that thimerosal and autism are not associated in any way ”

    The CDC Dir’s, own words. Concerning, the NIEHS Congressional report. Were, by themselves. Very shocking! (CDC concurs to the findings) she said.. She also, dropped these bombs!

    “we will not be using the VSD anymore, for looking at vaccines as a cause for Autism environmental” The Dir. said “to do so, would be potentially misleading” She the Dir. of the CDC didn’t stop there, she said something that should have been a game changer. For it proved, the CDC had nothing! left. After the VSD, and the Denmark studies was found to be useless and worse than useless. Here’s her own words, about the safety studies they had from that point. Was,

    “but if you do give us more time, we will do good quality studies” So, what we can assume is. That up to that point, they the CDC were funding. Predominately studies of poor quality ??????

    This is the very reason, that the sitting President GW Bush decided to seal the VSD forever! That is,until the threat. By, the two Senators. To officially, look in to his and his staffs relationship. With the manufacturer (Eli Lilly) who BTW is patent holder and creator of the children’s vaccine Preservative. That was used, in almost all children’s vaccine Eli Lilly product in – question Thimerosal. The relationship, that GW did not want uncovered. Was the fact, that he had 3 ex Lilly executives working at the Bush White House. Another damning fact was, that the Ex. President Bush Sr. was on the board of Lilly in the 70′s. There is no doubt,that would be (a very big financial blow, to the Bush family fortune. if Thimerosal were found to be causing this autism epidemic)

    Back to the CDC Dir, who admitted she and the CDC. Had been misleading, the public & Congress and Presidents. For, well over a decade. Concerning the science, they really had!

    She the Dir., should have been barbecued. By, the very powerful House Appropriations Committee. Here’s the biggest shame,of all. The Appropriations Committee, (they chose) to bury their findings. Essentially,they were willing to turn a blind eye to the NIEHS report.

    And a deaf ear, to the concerns of the parents that were dealing with the vaccine damaged aftermath.

    After this stunning admission,that the Emperor had no clothes. And probably, never did. The Dir of the CDC, that just admitted that she most likely had been misleading the public for many decades. She, the US. CDC Dir. goes to work at Merck Pharmaceuticals.

    For a salary,of almost 2 million dollars a year. More on Merck,and their role. In this,the Thimerosal caused catastrophic event. Later to come.

    That’s the famous, revolving door into the industry. That keeps the US. people,SICK !!!!!!! and at the mercy of the Pharmaceutical and the Vaccine Co’s. And is, one of the biggest contributors to the now 17 trillion dollars. That, we are in debt. Want to end, the growing National debt? Get a (real handle,) on health care. Starting, with cleaning house at the BOUGHT ! AND PAID FOR. FDA and the CDC. When you do this, the National debt, it will by it’s self. Start, to decrease. Rapidly!

    And when you end, the ability of the Pharmaceutical Companies. To directly advertise to the American people. You will then, have taken away the Major Media lap dogs of the industry. And in doing so,you have put back. What use to be, the self appointed watch dogs of the industry.

    The current media,has become nothing more than. Propaganda spreaders.

    The Appropriations Committee,that found all this out. They owe! the American people, an explanation. Of why, they decided to not act on their findings. They instead,swept it under the rug. I will give you a hint, of why they did not act. Most of the Congressmen, and the Senators. Most, have great amounts of stocks.In these vaccine corporations.

    Their Golden Retirement Parachutes. Would quickly, plummet to the ground. In other words. They, like the Media CDC FDA AAP WHO are. all BOUGHT!

  • Puzzled

    Again, just cought my attention. Sort by “Best”. If WBUR is rating the comments, what is the criteria? What makes one comment “Best”?

  • Puzzled

    “13.8 million deaths were prevented through measles immunizations globally. In other words, a population roughly the size of New England is still alive thanks to the measles vaccine.”
    How do you measure that? Everybody that receives the vaccine was “saved” from death? Seems like egaggeration. If it is really that efective, do you really need these kind of pompeus statements?

  • townie1952

    I do not understand parents who gamble with the health of their children.
    Is participating in a fantasy drama starring evil pharmaceutical companies and government co-conspiracy that rewarding? This anti-vaccine cult is a total mystery to me. It seems to have no basis in reality. (I guess most cults don’t)
    If autism is caused by the MMR vaccine, what caused autism before the develop of the MMR vaccine?

    • notation

      And the silence from the nut-jobs who claim the MMR is causing autism is deafening. Where’s Christy? Why can’t she and her pals answer this?

  • notation

    It’s amusing to see Elvira focus on measles deaths for her anti-vax rants. She completely ignores what other “complications” of measles can occur, even with the very best of home care.

    Why would anyone want a child to risk deafness by having a disease when said disease is so easily prevented? Talk about inhumane!

    One wonders what Elvira might have said had she lived during the waves of the Bubonic Plague. “Oh, don’t fret, dear. It’ll pass and you’ll be immune for life! Don’t worry about those huge swellings! It’s part of strengthening your immune system, don’t you know? Oh, goodness me, here comes that guy in the hood carrying the scythe! Whoopsie, I was wrong!”

  • bpatient

    It’s strange to see people support Wakefield so many years after his hypothesis failed. No one has shown that receipt of MMR vaccine is associated with the onset of both bowel disease and autism, because it isn’t true.

    Even Wakefield’s former business partner and co-author wrote in the conclusion to a careful case-control study that “The work reported here eliminates the remaining support for the hypothesis that autism with GI complaints is related to MMR vaccine exposure. We found no relationship between the timing of MMR vaccine and the onset of either GI complaints or autism.” [PLoS One. 2008 Sep 4;3(9):e3140]

    The reasons that people continue to believe weird stuff even when it is incontrovertibly contradicted by evidence are discussed in the first link below. A particularly poignant example of such behavior comes in the letter from Jim Jones’ nurse at Jonestown, just before she, like almost all the others there, committed

    • ccdaddy

      Wakefild’s hypothesis,did not fail. In fact,the latest coming out of California.

      Says, that there is a Gut brain response in the symptoms of Autism.

      Threat the Gut issues, they say. And the symptoms of autism, fade away.

      Fancy that,stop the suffering of the children. And the real bad autistic behavior, starts to fade away.

      Again,Wake forest University. Had found, out of 82 children with autism, 70 were found to have vaccine strain measles in their Gut and cerebral spinal.

      The Lead author said,” not one, was of the wild strain ” Being fair, he did say that does not prove that the MMR caused the Autism.But I surmise,that if they are finding that the children who have this new variant bowel disorder. Who have Autism,have an inflammation in their Guts.Would not the Vaccine strain Measles, if they infected the Gut. cause inflammation? And if, that Gut inflammation is treated. And, the children get better. How could Dr. Wakefield, be wrong? You see parents,the CDC and industry
      shills are hoping that you have not done your homework. I did mine, and
      the current vaccine schedule and vaccines. Are a mixture, of voodoo science. And a blend, of heavy metals and toxins. That is, the equivalent of fools gold.

  • Dorit Reiss

    The CDC pink book highlights the high rates of complications from measles. “Approximately 30% of reported measles cases have one or more complications. …
    Acute encephalitis occurs in approximately 0.1% of reported cases. Onset The case-fatality rate is approximately 15%. Some form of residual neurologic damage occurs in as many as 25% of cases. Seizures (with or without fever) are reported in 0.6%–0.7% of cases.

    Death from measles was reported in approximately 0.2% of the cases in the United States from 1985 through 1992. As with other complications of measles, the risk of death is higher among young children and adults. Pneumonia accounts for about 60% of deaths. The most common causes of death are pneumonia in children and acute encephalitis in adults. Since 1995, an average of 1 measles-related death
    per year has been reported.

    Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a rare degenerative central nervous system disease believed to be due to persistent measles virus infection of the brain. … The onset is insidious, with progressive deterioration of behavior and intellect, followed by ataxia (awkwardness), myoclonic seizures, and eventually death.”

    • sabelmouse

      there might be many mild cases of measles that never even saw a doctor. how would you even get correct stats?

      • notation

        Why would anyone risk the possibility of the complications so ably cited above your post? Talk about inhumane! What parent would do that to a child?

        I wonder if you’ll take the advice you’ve been given by people who have more in the way of smarts than you do, Elvira? Why don’t you read the reports that were suggested to you? You know, the ones that aren’t from some anti-vaxer’s book?

        • sabelmouse

          there’s no need for the complications , they are rare and we know what causes them.
          chances are i’ve been at this longer than you.
          who’s elvira?

          • notation

            Nonsense. The best way to prevent the complications is to prevent the disease.

            Someone can be incompetent at something for decades. You’re the proof.

          • sabelmouse

            not if the prevention of the disease is as bad or worse than the disease and having had the disease has advantages.

          • notation

            You have provided NO evidence that any such thing is true. When are you going to do so?

            In the meantime, here’s what the Mayo Clinic says. They actually use science and have real doctors. I’ll take their word for it as opposed to that of some nut-case.

            ComplicationsBy Mayo Clinic Staff
            Complications of measles may include:
            Ear infection. One of the most common complications of measles is a bacterial ear infection.
            Bronchitis, laryngitis or croup. Measles may lead to inflammation of your voice box (larynx) or inflammation of the inner walls that line the main air passageways of your lungs (bronchial tubes).
            Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a common complication of measles. People with compromised immune systems can develop an especially dangerous variety of pneumonia that is sometimes fatal.
            Encephalitis. About 1 in 1,000 people with measles develops encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that may cause vomiting, convulsions and, rarely, coma or even death. Encephalitis can closely follow measles, or it can occur months later.
            Pregnancy problems. Pregnant women need to take special care to avoid measles, because the disease can cause pregnancy loss, preterm labor or low birth weight.
            Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia). Measles may lead to a decrease in platelets — the type of blood cells that are essential for blood clotting.

          • Dorit Reiss

            As noted above, the complications are not rare. Why leave a child at a risk of a disease that can kill her?

          • sabelmouse

            pretty rare and without back ground info they could have been caused by incompetent doctoring for all we know.

          • notation

            You’re really flailing, now, mouse.

            Game, set and match to Dorit Reiss.

          • townie1952

            I am old enough to have seen Whooping cough victims.
            If you have seen a baby with croup, imagine it 100 times worse, and unable to catch their breath.

          • sabelmouse

            i’m talking about measles here.

          • lilady R.N.

            You don’t get to direct the dialogue her mouse….get your own blog to do that.

          • sabelmouse

            i always thought you were a misguided fanatic but i hadn’t seen you as a troll until now. maybe notation is rubbing of on you?
            what dialogue are you talking about?

          • lilady R.N.

            Your snide comment posted at “townie1952″ after townie commented about pertussis.

            Do try to keep up with the comments, mouse.

          • sabelmouse

            what’s snide about saying that i was talking about measles, not pertussis?

          • notation


          • notation

            Geez. How slow are you? You told townie that he/she shouldn’t be talking about pertussis. You don’t own the forum and you’re not employed as the thread nanny, mouse.

          • notation

            So what? It’s not as though you have different thoughts about pertussis, mouse.

          • notation

            I had pertussis as an adult. It’s miserable. I coughed for 3 months. My voice took a beating; I had to have vocal therapy .

          • kellymbray

            Who is we? The rest of us are quite familiar with the real science. “for all we know.”…we do know.

          • sabelmouse

            no we don’t. we can’t unless every case is brought to a doctor/hospital, properly tested and recorded.

          • notation

            More drivel from the usual font of ignorance. Yes, we DO know. We know because studies show it. You are just too dumb to figure that out.

          • notation

            Just a hoot to read your posts! Why would anyone risk the possibility of complications when the disease is avoidable with a safe and effective vaccine? It’s akin to somebody yelping that using soap and water isn’t necessary because people so seldom die of the complications of food poisoning from contamination! And those soaps contain ADDITIVES!!!

            Run for your lives!

          • lilady R.N.

            “chances are i’ve been at this longer than you.”

            That’s a cryptic comment…and a keeper.

          • kellymbray

            And who knows….someday she may finally get it right!

          • lilady R.N.

            Heh, heh, she’ll never “get it right” as long as her sources are Age of Autism and other anti-vaccine, anti-science blogs.

          • notation

            Isn’t it though? The ninny is in Europe, can’t figure out how to post a link, has no understanding of science whatsoever, and is now bragging about her age.

      • Dorit Reiss

        There could be children with mild cases who have not seen the doctor. And there could have been complications that are not identified as connected to measles. All we can do is go with the best available data. The numbers from the CDC also fit the numbers from the recent outbreak in Europe, showing high rates of complications with measles.

        • sabelmouse

          complications are more likely to see a doctor, end in hospital, be noted, unless there’s gross incompetence. mild cases not so much.
          i don’t remember high numbers of complications from europe at all. i also don’t remember much info about underlying conditions.

          • notation

            So you have no data that contradicts what Dorit Reiss has posted. You have no data at all, do you?

          • Dorit Reiss

            A. Here are the numbers from Europe’s 2011: Look at the complications. And you are making a lot of assumptions about detection. If someone dies or has pneumonia, they may not check for measles. Again, we have data about complications. They’re not uncommon. Why expose children to these risks when we have an effective, safe vaccine?

            Here is another story:

          • sabelmouse

            thanks for the links. gain, no info on background. at first glance at least. not checking thoroughly is bad doctoring.

          • notation

            Wow. You really are desperate, aren’t you, mouse?

            Reiss has produced reams of valid evidence. You haven’t produced a single shred.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Are you implying that someone with a health problem deserves to die or suffer complications from measles? (by the way, this is data about the general outbreak, not a report by a specific doctor on a specific patient, so your comment about bad doctoring is not really relevant).

          • sabelmouse

            the bad doctoring referred to the pneumonia and not checking for origin.
            i’m implying that leaving out underlying conditions is lying with statistics.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Missing that measles caused something could be bad doctoring, or could be a justified error – depending on the circumstances.
            And leaving out the data on prior health conditions is not lying with statistics.
            And again: are you suggesting that people with previous conditions don’t count?

          • sabelmouse

            it is lying, just like leaving out that so,meone was severely malnourished when they subcumbed to a disease. it’s given the impression that a given disease is more dangerous than it is by letting people assume that complications/death/damage occurred in perfectly healthy people. not mentioning what kind of treatment someone got makes people think that undesired outcomes occur no matter what, despite the best medical care .
            when in reality there are many variables.

          • notation

            It’s not “lying,” mouse. That’s what YOU are doing by failing to back up your claims about the supposed “dangers” of vaccines with any facts whatsoever.

  • sabelmouse

    i’ve read many differing numbers on the how many die from measles complication. all the way up to 1 in 8000. pro vaccination sites always use 1 in 1000 though.
    i’m glad they are at least acknowledging malnutrition as a factor. now they need to give us correct info on who dies from measles complications in developing countries. underlying health problems? bad medical care? fever suppressants? not that everybody in developed countries is well nourished either.

    • notation

      Why not simply avoid the complications by vaccinating?

      You have yet to show that vaccines are “dangerous”when compared to the complications that result from measles, mousie.

    • lilady R.N.

      Pro science sites use the figure 1 in 1,000 measles cases will die from complications of measles. Have you got any links to epidemiological studies to refute that?

      • sabelmouse

        no i don’t. i read , in books, over a 20 year period. no , i’ve no links. it’s hard to even get the numbers, isn’t it? it’s not as if people always go to a doctor for everything or as if everything gets tested and recorded. i’ve never taken my children to the doctor for some red splotches or a bit of a temp, neither would anybody have when i grew up.
        they knew how to take are of sick children and i learned from them.
        mild cases especially could easily not be seen skewing the stats.
        and as i’ve said. what were the reasons for complications and negative outcomes of complications? without that info we know to little.

        • lilady R.N.

          You could always read the weekly MMWR available on the internet every Friday morning for updates on current outbreaks, the CDC Pink Book and science blogs…instead of reading your anti-vaccine anti-science books and blogs.

          • notation

            She can’t. She doesn’t believe anything the CDC or FDA say unless it just happens to support her anti-vax views. Then she’s somehow able to post it all the live-long day.

          • sabelmouse

            great joke! given the many posts of yours. i’m only online for a few hours each day.
            how much time do you spend on the STICKO website?

          • notation

            So you made the effort to count my posts? What does that say about your obsession?

            I have no idea what the “STICKO website” is, but I’m sure you do.

          • sabelmouse

            no need to count. i stumble over them everywhere.
            what, no google?

          • notation

            What, no brain? Can’t answer a simple question?

            Wait, what was I thinking? I’m conversing with a nut-job.

          • kellymbray

            With her, stumble is the operative word.

          • notation

            ;) I’ve noticed, kelly.

          • sabelmouse

            and do they give that pertinent background information that’s almost always missing?
            or explain how their statistics come about ?

          • notation

            Why don’t you read it and find out? Or are you chicken?

          • lilady R.N.

            Yes, when the MMWR reports on an outbreak, they do provide “statistics” and the MMR vaccine immunization status of the index case and all the other cases identified in those outbreaks.

  • Anne Dachel

    Parents need to educate themselves. See the National Vaccine Information Center
    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

    • Dorit Reiss

      National Vaccine Information Center, which in spite of its name is an
      anti-vaccination organization, has no experts in immunology. The vast majority
      of scientists and doctors point out that the risks of not vaccinating
      dramatically outweigh the risks of vaccinating. It’s not a good place to get
      your vaccine information.

      See, for example, NVIC’s discussion of measles:

      Of the MMR viruses, measles is the most serious in the sick -
      with about one in a thousand dead, and one in a thousand suffering
      encephalitis, and relatively high rates of other complications – pneumonia and
      ear infection that can lead to deafness. Rubella can kill the unborn or leave
      them with severe disabilities – though it is mild in children. But here is why
      NVIC is a bad source, and how it misleads: it lists MMR complications as well
      as diseases, but does not point out their relative frequency. With
      encephalitis, for example, having a frequency of one in a thousand from measles
      and less than one in a million from MMR, that is a significant omission.$File/quick_sideeffects.pdf.

      Then, they present claims filed through the National Vaccine
      Injury Compensation Program – not claims compensated, i.e., not those that
      could actually show the vaccine caused their injury. So their numbers also
      include cases that could not win even under the program’s lenient standards of
      proof – claims that were probably not from the vaccine.

      Their next set of numbers draws on VAERS reports. But VAERS is a
      passive reporting system – anyone can report anything (a physician once
      reported that the influenza vaccine turned him into the incredible hulk, and it
      was accepted) and research suggests most reports are not caused by the
      vaccine: So presenting VAERS
      numbers as if they show how many serious events the vaccine actually caused is

      They end by saying vaccinated people can still get the disease -
      I’m looking at measles – which is true, but they don’t say how often, and
      that’s important here because two doses of MMR offer long term protection to
      99% of people against measles.

      See also this post, analyzing the inaccuracies in NVIC’s recent
      billboard campaign:

      In short, the NVIC
      information is presented in a way that might mislead the reader to
      underestimate the risks of the disease, overestimate the risks of the vaccine,
      and underestimate its effectiveness. This type of problematic presentation is
      why NVIC is a really bad place to get your vaccine information.

    • lilady R.N.

      Spamming comments again, Ms. Dachel?

      Fortunately, we have the weekly MMWR report available on the internet to track measles outbreaks and the CDC Measles Fact Sheet to counteract the pseudoscience promulgated by the NVIC and Age of Autism:

  • Anne Dachel

    That 1998 report was by a British gastroenterologist named Andrew Wakefield. To understand the damage from the MMR, listen to the parents of the injured children. They came to Wakefield for help when their healthy children suddenly regressed into autism and bowel disease after being vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.
    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

    • Dorit Reiss

      It’s unfortunate that even after Andrew Wakefield was convicted of serious ethics violations and found to have made many misrepresentation, orally and in print, some people still believe in him.

  • Anne Dachel

    Many powerful forces have tried to silence Dr. Wakefield but he continues to talk about the evidence he’s seen.
    Oct 7, 2009 CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson interviewed Andrew Wakefield: Controversy Over Vaccine Research
    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

    • Dorit Reiss

      Here is a recent article examining Andrew Wakefield’s attempt to justify himself in Callous Disregard and showing that there, too, his claims were inaccurate and misleading:

      It’s natural for Andrew Wakefield to continue to try and clear his name. But given the many problems in previous statements and actions, critical readers will find his word not good enough.

      • notation

        Of course they will. Unfortunately, the morons who post here, like sable mouse, will continue to deny that Wakefield is a complete and utter fraud and that his research was a sham.

        • sabelmouse

          i’m flattered that i made such an impression on you that you keep mentioning my name.

          • notation

            Oh, I mention Pol Pot and Hitler a lot, too, honeybun.

  • Anne Dachel

    The stunning movie, Hear the Silence, stars the outstanding British actor, Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), as Dr. Wakefield. (The movie is in English with Hebrew subtitles.)
    I interviewed Dr. Wakefield about the making of this film.
    Anne Dachel, Medical editor: Age of Autism

    • lilady R.N.

      Hear the Science is a propaganda film which attempts to change the facts surrounding Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent research.

      We do have the facts surrounding the disgraced and discredited Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent research, as documented by award-winning investigative journalist Brian Deer:

      • notation

        Thank you, lil. I’m so weary of these revisionist historians attempting to pretend that Wakefield was anything but fraud.

        • lilady R.N.

          You do realize that you are responding to the Dachel bot, don’t you?

          Dachel has a news feed and she posts her inane Spam from her huge repository of canned Spam, before she notifies her flying monkey squad at AoA.

          Moderated news stories often eliminate her Spamming drive-by posts.

          • notation

            Well, I’m responding to your post, not hers. But thanks for the info. I’ve written to her website previously to tell her that it’s dreck.

          • lilady R.N.

            I respond to the “bot” often, just to set the record straight.

            Sometimes we get “lucky” and the bot’s pals from AoA come to post comments.

          • notation

            Yeah, one of them just got all exercised about my disparagement of AoA, telling me it was a good source of info. Delusional or an employee, who knows?

          • lilady R.N.

            How about delusional and an employee at AoA? :-)


          • notation

            You’re correct.

            And now I’ve been banned from NaturalNews and from VaccineTruth. Telling, isn’t it? Neither site can stand it when the nonsense they publish is exposed as fraudulent and inaccurate.

          • lilady R.N.

            Would that be this person, who banned you at VaccineTruth?


            Check out the listings for all the AoA editors; Dachel is the one who doesn’t have her own entry….yet.

          • notation

            It could have been Wendy but I think it was Jeff, whoever he is. I’ll take a look at the listings.

            What a bunch of nimrods.

          • lilady R.N.

            You’ve got to stay away from those awful blogs…they’ll rot your brains.

            Come and join us here…


          • notation

            Will do. Love Respectful Insolence and have referenced it numerous times with the crazies on (un)naturalnews and elsewhere. Thanks for the invitation!

            You’re right about the effect of the ‘woo-blogs’ on the brain. It’s like seeing a car wreck—you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t tear yourself away! ;)

          • notation

            Wow. Wackaloons out the wazzoo.

    • notation

      I’m sure you think that by pandering to people who LOVE Downton Abbey, you’ll make hay. Too bad there are people smarter than you.

  • Anne Dachel

    Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer in the UK talked about the MMR vaccine in the Daily Mail in 2006:
    “[Fletcher] said he has seen a ‘steady accumulation of evidence’ from scientists worldwide that the measles, mumps and rubella jab is causing brain damage in certain children.
    “But [Fletcher] added: ‘There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of MMR and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves.’”
    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

    • bpatient

      Oh, if only we knew more than was known when Fletcher made his statement.

      Oh, wait, we do!

      Wakefield indicated his hypothesis as follows: Exposure to MMR increases the risk of chronic intestinal inflammation which can cause autistic enterocolitis and increased intestinal permeability, which can allow some unspecified neurotoxic peptides to reach the brain and cause autistic regression. Accordingly, the widespread use of MMR immunization is a major determinant of the apparent increase in rates of autism. [Pediatrics Vol. 107 No. 5 May 1, 2001 pp. e84]

      Now we know that that isn’t true.

      Wakefield was wrong.

      Of course, since Wakefield walked away from the opportunity to replicate his preliminary results in a large, fully-funded study using his already-assembled team, it certainly seems that Wakefield knew that he was wrong.