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Diet Pill Dilemma: Why Is FDA Approving Drugs When Europe Isn’t?

By Karen Weintraub
Guest Contributor

We’ve all dreamt of popping a pill to help us safely lose weight, or at least eat that chocolate cake without guilt. But alas, even though the Food and Drug Administration has approved two new diet drugs in recent months, that dream probably isn’t any closer to reality.



In the current issue of the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), Sidney Wolfe, founder of the advocacy group Public Citizen, slams the FDA for approving the drugs – lorcaserin (US brand name Belviq) and topiramate (called Qsymia). The FDA’s European counterpart rejected both of them because of heart risks that turned up during preliminary trials.

The FDA decided that the risks were relatively small and ordered the manufacturers to look for problems once they are on the market – basically, approving the drugs now and worrying later if they prove dangerous. Buyer beware.

The problem, Wolfe explained in a phone interview from Washington where he is preparing to testify at a National Institutes of Health meeting tomorrow, is that the reasons for hunger are complex and connected to many biological systems.

“When you give a drug powerful enough to effect hunger it is also going to affect other systems of the body,” most often the heart, he said. Continue reading

Health Care Law Coming Out Day: Are You Feeling Reformed?

Kaiser Health News has a great big roundup of stories today, marking the day that the first set of consumer protections take effect, six months after the enactment of national health care reform.

We want to know how the new law is affecting you. Are you now able to get insurance even though you have pre-existing conditions? Are your twenty-something kids now covered under your policy? Have you started getting preventative care without co-pays? Tell us if the law is filtering into your lives, and how.