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As Menino Recovers, City Enlists Weight Watchers For Cut-Rate Memberships

You don’t need an M.D. to figure out that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino isn’t well. He’s been diagnosed with diabetes and also suffers from Crohn’s disease; he was recently hospitalized for a month “after cutting short a vacation in Italy because of a respiratory infection,” the AP reported.

While in the hospital, the 69-year-old mayor “suffered a compression fracture in a vertebra in his spine and also was treated for a blood clot that moved from his leg to his lungs,” the AP says. “Dr. Charles Morris said that while Menino was hospitalized, doctors also discovered an infection in his back and diagnosed him with Type 2 diabetes.” Now the mayor’s in rehab at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Menino’s battle with his weight has also been well documented. In his state of the city address in January, Menino vowed to lose two pounds a month as part of a city-wide anti-obesity effort. At the time he said: “Look, weight is an issue that many of us struggle with. But what is daunting on our own becomes doable when we work together. So my goal is to see all of us combine to shed a million pounds this year.”

To aid in that effort, the city announced today a new partnership with Weight Watchers that gives eligible Boston residents discounted memberships to the popular weight management program. Here’s much of the news release:

As part of Mayor Menino’s Boston Moves for Health initiative, Weight Watchers, a leader in weight management services that has helped millions of people worldwide, will work with Dorchester House Multi-Service Center, Mattapan Community Health Center, and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to provide steeply discounted weight loss and weight management services for up to 1,000 qualifying participants beginning in January. Continue reading