Translating Your Medical Story Instantly Into Audio Art

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  • Pam Burns

    This is an interesting concept into the personal, human, emotional view of the medical field. As a bedside nurse for many years, now retired, this idea could be taken a step futher by interviewing some of us who are no longer working in the ‘establishment’. Also, I cared for my elderly parents which gives an even wider viewpoint of the inner workings. Add me as a patient of a botched surgery that nearly took my life and you will have the makings of a truely remarkable piece of art. The music could be very moving and draw the listener into the story OR the other way around-the words of the story might enhance the music, pulling the audience in another way. However it works best, you have an audience that is in need of a new approach to the way life/health/death are handled in this new age. It is a confusing time. Using the story/music approach is true genius! You will reach so many that are overlooked when they have a loved one, a friend or even a pet that is suddenly thrust into the system. There are those of us who have/want to tell our story but it always sounds as if we’re whinning/complaining and definately boring/repetitive. Thank you in advance for your determination/effort to make this project successful. My best wishes and good Karma are coming your way, Pamela Meyer-Burns PLEASE, keep me updated on your project!